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Important BETA RELEASE DISCUSSION - DECEMBER 4TH (*ALL* beta discussion goes here. Other threads deleted)

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Tiy, Jul 6, 2013.

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  1. quercus

    quercus Lucky Number 13

    I got the beta on steam and have logged about 20 hours. I don't really have any complaints but I miss buckets or like some way to move water. I made this account pretty much just to say I would really really like a bucket. Other wise great game really enjoying it.
  2. disel

    disel Intergalactic Tourist

    can we step to next part ? i wanna finaly play this game and not care that my toons gets deleted :rofl:

    BLAKETHESNAKEEE Intergalactic Tourist

    man fushisal my niszzzal this game is boom dingady dog you no what i meen man

    BLAKETHESNAKEEE Intergalactic Tourist

    haters be hateing but i still love this game keep up the good work team
  5. irecinius

    irecinius Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Just playing for a while now.. I love the 3d printer, but I find that somewhat annoying that COST me pixels to scan.
    In should be free, while out remain as is. (specially since you are destroying the item itself)

    Progression from A > B > G seems little steep (or non existent)
    I finished the penguins with horrendous effort, then managed to get some steel, made all armor and stuff.. then.. I started flying on <14 planets, but I just didn't find anything worth while, same ores, maybe some vendor but all selling some 11-14 armor pen, weapon.

    I finished the robot.. and was procedurally killed by it.... I gave up on him after hours of death, I don't really feel like boxing him in and doing 1 damage till he dies...
    So I need to find some armor pen 20 weapon.. but, where? do I have to venture into beta and die horribly a lot and maybe get a lucky chest/vendor? is that how you are suppose to play..

    This armor pen thingy gotta be reworked,,if the monster is higher then your penetration, you don't do damage, if the penetration is higher, then the monster turns into trivial pretty much..
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  6. Fantajim

    Fantajim Space Hobo

    Great game, really anticipating the updates it will get.

    Thumbs up from me!

    Long live indie games.

  7. WMSkyfall

    WMSkyfall Master Chief

    Agreed; for all the randomness in creature appearance, there's very little sense of mystery about what a creature will do when you interact with it.

    Some possible AI additions:
    • New passive creature behaviors: flee when attacked.
    • New "herd" of passive creature behaviors: entire herd flees when attacked, entire herd aggros when attacked. (Where I'm defining "herd" as "all creatures of the same type in about a screen's width")
    • New aggressive flying creature behaviors: diving attacks.
    • New aggressive ground creature behaviors: stand back and lob projectiles, burrow and ambush, fixed-position but lobs projectiles, fixed-position but lashes out at player.

    Omigod, this. In theory, I like the idea that you can pick up a chest and everything in it (rather than the Terraria approach of making chests invulnerable when not empty), but when you don't have enough inventory space you're suddenly in a race against time before your stuff despawns. Not fun.
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  8. Theo Guedes

    Theo Guedes Orbital Explorer

    In the navigation system of the ship should be a field to write personal notes about each planet that we visit.
    Ex. "Trees of fiber and monsters like Bulbasaur" or something like that.
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  9. Rakuida

    Rakuida Phantasmal Quasar

    Dunno if there is a bug thred or something of the like, but I found this
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    BLAKETHESNAKEEE Intergalactic Tourist

    id like to see us be abail to aspand are ship but keep the main rocks and all but you no what i meen bro sha na na na get it done
  11. linkrosewater

    linkrosewater Void-Bound Voyager

    i feel things are abit too negative with what's wrong with the game so i want to make a list here of what i think is good and that i dont want touched cause it works great just the way it is. if these things need to change to fix another problem that's fine, but i love this stuff and would like to see it stay.

    peaceful monsters: i really do like that it doesnt follow After Earth formula and have every single animal and monster in the known reality's sole function in life to delife you, while its hard to tell at first glance at times which monsters want to kill you and which ones couldnt care less, i dont mind it at all and find it really refreshing.

    i like the villages and bandit camps you can find, after all wouldnt make much to go to 100s of planets and not fine a single soul. oddly i only ever find apex and glitch towns but i can chalk that up as just not exploring far enough yet.

    surprisingly its refreshing to see gold, silver, ect being lower tier materials instead of the highest, as well as many of its featured mechanics. it messes with you abit when you have learned biases from playing so many other games but you need some games to challenge what you know or they just bleed together. i promise you that many terraria players stumbled in this game because of that, but wouldnt hate the game for it.
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    BLAKETHESNAKEEE Intergalactic Tourist


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  13. Firestar

    Firestar Void-Bound Voyager

    Some controls are really clunky. I don't have a good idea on how to fix them so I'll post here instead of the suggestions forum.

    -As it's been stated before, despawn items needs to be looked at. I tried reorganizing my ship and it was a nightmare and a half.
    First I ran out of inventory space while pulling the wrong locker, so now I can't see a single thing because my screen is filled to the top with "picked up x number of x item"
    I could put a chest down away from this spam, but I couldn't open the chest in time. The stupid spam was still in the way and I couldn't see. Lost a lot of things due to a simple error.

    I also clicked a button and because I had my weapon equipped, I lost my chef spawner. Could we please make "spawner NPCs" have a lot more health than regular mobs. So that I wouldn't destroy them on accident like I did today, but it's still possible to kill them if you need to.
  14. Ren

    Ren Starship Captain

    Hello everybody. Sorry for my english!

    There should be some kind of map on the ship which which will show planet. Only revealed part of it of course. Other could by covered by black. And why i am mentioning this map? Cause there SHOULD be posibility to beam yourself on revealed places on the map!! If no its tottally wasted potential of all transport.

    Imagine something like Startrek. U will set coordinates on your ship and then beam your four man army on that place. I mean of course cooparate play. U are fighting somewhere using same ship your mate wanna join you and have to travel all fu*cking way on their own. (sorry for fu*king!)

    I mean when you invite your mate into your party you should share revealet part of map and your mate should be able to joint you as fast as possible.
    1) beam to your ship
    2) use your map (with revealed part) and beam to you and join you!
    3) Or he could beam himself near you from his ship.

    There also could be some kind of generator which will unable you to transport around dungeons. It could by possible be painted on map with ...red circle? what ever. This generator have to be dissabled if your mate wanna join you in dungeon? It makes sense! IT will improve all gameplay in coop. I trust you guys and i PLEASE for this ability!

    PS: your game is awesome and you have my endless trust.
  15. Dungbeetle

    Dungbeetle Orbital Explorer

    Is it stated officially anywhere whether there will still be character wipes in stage 2 of the beta?
  16. Gotcha!

    Gotcha! Pangalactic Porcupine

    @Dungbeetle: Yeah. There's a low chance of that happening, but there aren't any guarantees. So if you want to be safe, you'll have to wait for 1.0 I guess.
  17. Dungbeetle

    Dungbeetle Orbital Explorer

    Yeah, but is there anything official about this anywhere? No offense, but I'd like to read the devs plans rather than get answers based on speculation from fans. The "How Beta is going to work" page does not specify. As for guarantees, there's no guarantee of anything in life. There's no guarantee the game will even reach 1.0. I'm not looking for guarantees, I just want to know what the plans are.
  18. Gotcha!

    Gotcha! Pangalactic Porcupine

  19. Glace Leau

    Glace Leau Void-Bound Voyager

    Been playing in the evenings for a few days, and I'm loving it so far! I'm sure these aren't all new suggestions, but here's my input for now, based on playing on a Windows 7 laptop:

    Playing in windowed mode, I can't change the resolution, and the very bottom of the screen is blocked by the toolbar. Ideally I'd like to choose the resolution like you can for full screen mode, but resizing the window doesn't work either.

    I don't have as many action bar slots as I'd like. The inventory window is too big to make leaving it open practical, and it'd be nice to have all my tools, torches, food, bandages and stim packs available at any time. Something like a second bar that it switches to if you hold down control or alt would be great.

    I'm constantly opening the crafting window with "c", and I try to close it by pressing "e" or "c" again, but that just types in the search bar. Make it so you have to click to type in there to save frustration.

    I've been saving a screenshot with the coordinates of every world I've been to, but the ability to "bookmark" worlds would be even better.

    I know the way platforms work is unpopular. I don't mind them, except for how easy it is to fall through platforms to your death! Each level of platform you drop through should break your fall so you can use them as a proper ladder.

    Dungeons are awesome, but the Avian dungeons I've been to are noticably less awesome than the Human, Apex and especially Glitch dungeons I've been to. There's little inside and they're disappointing. I'd love for them to have chests, or maybe friendly NPCs/merchants you can save from sacrifice.

    On that note, I've accidentally killed two friendly merchants, one I spawned on my ship and one that was being attacked. Some kind of confirmation that pops up before you damage these NPCs would be very nice.

    Hard materials take way too long to mine compared to soft ones. With a gold pickaxe, sand takes one hit and dirt takes two, but I'm still sitting there with my mouse still while I mine cobblestone. It's boring and makes me avoid it.

    I also think you should mine faster while you hold down shift, because you're mining one block instead of mine.

    Water often ends caverns and is kind of hard to deal with, though I'm sure things like buckets are in the works.

    I'd also really like to be able to set the spawn point of a world, maybe by making a mini-beacon. Sometimes spawn is just in a bad spot on an otherwise great world.

    I'm another one chiming in for a way to store pixels. The current system makes it easy to be careless when you don't have many and discouraging when you save up. A bank on your ship would be perfect.

    When I mine dirt, I get the dirt color of the world, but when I mine on the moon, all the color blocks change to one color once they're mined. I don't know if this is intentional, but it's kind of disappointing.

    I for one am glad to see the armor penetration stat changed, because for days I thought it only meant the weapon's effectiveness versus mobs wearing armor that I would eventually find.

    The "what to expect during the beta" page should be easier to find, based on how many people are upset about the bugs and character wipe. You don't really encounter it if you just go through the flow of seeing the game on Steam, reading the page on the store, purchasing and going through the launcher. It should be featured right in the launcher or on the store page where it says the beta is "very playable."
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  20. Andrew1163

    Andrew1163 Void-Bound Voyager

    A very very very common bug, when trying to teleport down to the planet there is a very high chance you'll simply get teleported back to your ship :(
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