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    So, here is my boss suggestion, The "Bivalve General Germ & Ailment Protection & Eradication", two sterilized rooms filled with pistons and a giant robotic ape head firing lazers, rockets, and high grade acids in order to "Sterilize" you of supposed "ape flu", this failsafe machine would be found in Asteroid belts as a means of protecting large laboratories protected with one layer thick "Impervium Rebar" an indestructable background block that renders blocks in front of it invincible, making it astherically pleasing, and a good cheaty way of preventing shenangens, This boss fight would be as follows

    The only entrance would be the one to the Bi.G.Ger.A.P.E Boss room, and upon entering the doors close and the fight begins (preferably with boss music) The robotic head comes into the room by way of a hatch opening and will scan the entire room, it will either say

    1. "Unknown life form detected. . . possible contamination" (If you are not an apex/novakid)
    2. "Malfunction in scanners. . . failsafe preemptive sterilization" (If you ARE an apex)
    3. Or "Weapons grade plasma detected. . . Extinguishing" (if you are a novakid)

    The the battle begins, notable hazards will be:

    • The Bi.G.Ger.A.P.E Itself firing a variety of projectiles at you, from straight shooting missiles, to Boucing balls of levitated acid, these will all be telegraphed by the Heads eye flashing colors before firing
    • One block wide pistons bursting from the walls, telegraphed by the block breaking animation on it's respective wall when a new one appears
    • Small half block sized turrets popping out from under specially marked blocks, these will either produce one unit of poison water, fire one pellet, or explode if you walk over them
    At 1/3 health the Bi.G.Ger.A.P.E head will explode, and the room will begin to flood with poison, forcing you up the hole where the head was and into the second phase. there will be a core on the right wall which must be shot numerous times to finish it off, during this time notable hazards would be:

    • Random poison liquid dripping from holes in the ceiling.
    • Multiple serpent droids spawning at the left side which will shoot at you periodically.
    • The core occasionally firing a giant beam through the middle of the screen, forcing you to either jump, or drop down to a lower platform, this destroys the current batch of serpent droids, giving you an opening to attack the core while more spawn
    • Apex turrets coming down from the ceiling and firing mini rocket volleys on rare occasion, this will break blocks, forcing you to replace them as the battle goes on. The turrets will also aim very specifically for player placed blocks, which can cause problems.
    After defeat remains of the head drop drop down onto the ground and say "T-Traces O-o-of Foreign Ma-t-t-t-erial Sterilized. . ."

    This boss would be guarding some type of macguffin placed by the glorious devs as is planned after Sector X is removed

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