Modding Help Bigger greenhouse compatible w/ Immersive Farm 2??

Discussion in 'Mods' started by mhbrown95, Apr 2, 2019.

  1. mhbrown95

    mhbrown95 Orbital Explorer

    Hello! I'm hoping somebody here may see this and be able to help, because I've dug all over nexus and done everything I know to do in order to try and adjust this, but everything I've tried is giving me bugs :cry::cry:

    I need a bigger greenhouse! I'm running Immersive Farm 2, as well as a variety of crop extensions from Json Assets, thus the need for a larger space. Does anyone know of a mod that's ACTUALLY compatible with IF2? (Looking at you, BennyB... Maybe it's just because I'm an idiot running on MacOS but your divine greenhouse doesn't work :cry:) Or how I could edit an existing mod to actually work with IF2 and not warp me into the void around the building instead of into it?

    Any help would be much appreciated!! <3

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