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    As you may know there are biomes in this game. And they are quite easy to see: starting from animals and trees and straight to the color of dirt. But most of them are quite empty. They all have the same music (which doesn't make the experience better), they have very little to no enemies, similar structures.
    I noticed there are "spots" of enemy spawn, it's especially easy to see underground. You have 3-5 different enemies on the screen then go in any direction for a while and boom - completely lifeless wasteland. That's not how you make stuff spawn. I know you took the idea of underground structures like houses from Terraria, so please, take another idea from Terraria - add creatures. Not even different species, just increase the number of them.
    Another thing is the feeling. Every time you go to ice planets, jungles, volcanic ones or just any other planet including even oceans you end up with the exact same undergrounds. Same blocks, same spikes, same water, same lava, same creatures (already mentioned that, sorry). But how about adding a new way of generating for every biome? What if oceans for example would have a big halls filed with water and water creatures? What if jungles could have deep vertical holes? Steampunk biomes - lines of pipes and traps? Yeah, in just normal world generation, not a structure or a dungeon.
    You do have an Avian flying pirate ship so why not to make a Cloudsdale? A city built on clouds filled with ghost-like birds?
    Ah, I hope someone would hear me. I know, I'm asking for too much, but I just want to see a great future of that game. I love Starbound and I want the best for it.
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    wouldn't it be cool tho if other creatures had some sort of queen or king variant

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