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RELEASED bk3k's Inventory - 180 Slot Patch 1.01

Hoarding intesifies...

  1. bk3k

    bk3k Oxygen Tank

    bk3k submitted a new mod:

    bk3k's Inventory - 180 Slot Patch - Hoarding intesifies...

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  2. Mooncalf99

    Mooncalf99 Spaceman Spiff

    Could we please have screenshots of what the expanded inventory looks like? (With and without the reskin) I like having big inventories, but it's not essential to me, and if it clutters up the screen too much it might just not be worth it. Especially if I have to start all over again. (Which, admittedly, I do regularly.) Getting a preview would be exceedingly helpful.
  3. bk3k

    bk3k Oxygen Tank

    The website has been acting up for a while and errors out when attempting to upload files. Thus why the download now leads to my dropbox.

    However you can find those screenshots by following the link I up top to the workshop version.
  4. bk3k

    bk3k Oxygen Tank

    Yes you download the latest bk3k Inventory mod. You also download this. They stay in separate folders. I've already taken steps to control the load order properly.
  5. CopperBoltwire

    CopperBoltwire Subatomic Cosmonaut

    "Your existing characters will not work!"
    So i never played with your mod(s) "Bk3k's Inventory" before. Which means my inventory is, for all intents and purposes, quite vanilla.
    So If I install "Bk3k's Inventory" + this one. -- That is a big no no? I'm left a tad confused with the choice of your wording in both vanilla patch and the 180/60 slot versions...

    NEVER MIND....
    I'm a blind dum-dum and for some weird reason did not actually pay attention to the freaking big red letters at the top of the base mod "THIS REQUIRES A NEW CHARACTER"
    I'll see myself out. hehehehe
    I'll uh... I'll go faceplant a shovel or two ;)
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2019
  6. bk3k

    bk3k Oxygen Tank

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