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  1. TapTap

    TapTap Void-Bound Voyager

    Hello this is my brief idea on a cool boss.

    The Black Knight drops 3 items; 1. Being a horse tech. 2. Being Shadowfall, the Black Knights sword and 3. 4-7 Soul Metal bars
    The horse tech allows you to ride a horse using a small percentage of energ as you ride, Shadowfall has the DPS of 126,Swing speed of 1.97 and Damage Per Swing of 57 and Soul Metal bars are used to craft Soul Metal Armour (what the Black Knight wears)

    The Black Knight spawns in a castle, kind of themed like a Glitch castle
    There is no specific type of planet that it spawns on
    There is also no specific type of biome
    No it isn't time specific
    It has a higher damage in the night by about 25%

    Spawn Rate/Spawning Conditions:
    There's no certain/special event or conditions, it is randomly found
    No, it doesn't have a spawner.
    It's uncommon to find the castle which has The Black Knight
    It has half the health of the Penguin UFO
    No it doesn't have energy/mana because it doesn't have any energy/mana usage weapons or spells
    It has no mana/energy because of the above.
    How much Armour does the Boss have? It has %75 of the amount of Armour that the Penguin UFO has.
    It is resistant to arrows because of it's Soul Metal Armour which can be crafted

    No it doesn't crawl, but possibly when it has only 1/3 of health left it will crawl.
    Yes, it walks, thought at 1/3 of it's health it could crawl
    No it doesn't roll.
    Nope doesn't fly though could be the ghost of The Black Knight possibly
    Hahaha, yeah... no it doesn't propel its self with gas.

    Melee attacks
    The player receives 20-40 damage
    No, it doesn't grant debuffs, don't wanna make it too easy.
    What does the Bosses attacks look like? It looks like the One-handed sword animation when you swing
    It attacks every 2 seconds on average
    It has a kind of power-swing where it does %50 more damage every 10 seconds
    No it doesn't have different forms
    No it doesn't spawn small minion things.

    Please feel free to post suggestions, designs and feedback below don't forget to vote

  2. ChaoticGamer

    ChaoticGamer Master Astronaut

    well...quite suggetions but we had discussion about able ride a mount or make one o_O:cautious::ninja:...I don't know everything flying by these days, but I know we are getting mounts hover bike, mecha, and animals that I had no clue to start from random generated creatures. But I do want the armor for style...

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