Black Sludge [Boss]

Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by Eaglesfate3, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. Eaglesfate3

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    Hey guys I'm new here and I had an idea for a boss that I would like to share with you all. So here it is.

    The name of it would be The Black Sludge (Or something better if I can think of it) and it would be, who guessed it? A giant wave of thick black tar-like death. It would only occur on a specific type of planet. The planet would be a bunch of tar pits with tons of bones and barely any life at all. While you were mining you might come across a giant machine underground. It would be encased it dirt and when you activate your screen starts to shake. And before you know it the sludge would carry you up to the surface near your ship or wherever you arrived at. Then to your left (or right, it doesn't really matter) All the tar sludge stuff in the world gathers up there and forms a giant being that sorta looks like Muk from pokemon. While all this is happening your character cant move. And then it starts moving towards you and you have to fight it! This is where it starts getting interesting. When you shoot it with a gun when it hits it separates into 2 smaller pieces and you can only comepletely destroy a piece when it gets to its smallest form then when you hit it it just pops open and gets the sludge everywhere. Now I'm not sure how the death system in this game works but after summoning it you can't just run away from it in your ship. You either die or beat it. Once you do beat it however you can go back into whatever cave you found the machine in and in a box/crate/chest there is a LOT of globs of tar. You can also get the tar without beating the boss by going around and getting some from the tar pits but you would only get very very small amounts of tar. And then you have to process that tar. The stuff you get from the boss is already good to craft with. I'm not sure what it will do but leave suggestions below for anything else on this boss!
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    Very cool! Sounds like something that should be posted in the Sidequests threads!
  3. Eaglesfate3

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    Oh sorry I didn't know about the sidequest thread. Thanks for the compliment though!

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