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Blackberries or Raspberries?

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    So, this is one of my mob suggestions for starbound, and it's a ornery looking bear with black fruit around his wrists. I have some ideas for it's behavior and all that, but they arn't that great. So, I'm gonna ask the Starbound community! What do you think? Do you like it? How should this angry ursine abomination work?
    Please let me know in the comments below!
  2. Ravenous Space Rat

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  3. Zepher

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    i see what you done there smart idea!!

    for attacks it could throw the berrys and they explode or pop into poison gas, it could be taller then the character or it can stand on two feet or stand on all fours or both!?

    you could have it so it has cubs so that it will protect them, as for a personality, feeble to an extent get to close and he'll bite or being aggressive to the cubs and it burst into a massive rage which doubles damage to the player makes it more hard to kill and makes it quicker!?

    there are some ideas but remember its your design and it comes down to you all i ask is consider some :)
  4. Tails7712

    Tails7712 Spaceman Spiff

    Pretty cool,anyway so I think they should try to flee after you get them to low health.
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  5. GalacticRooster

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    If you tame them, you should be able to pick the berries and eat them, and they would grow back after a period of time.
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