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RELEASED Block Smelting 2020-01-20

Melt down metal blocks into bars.

  1. simulatoralive

    simulatoralive Existential Complex

    simulatoralive submitted a new mod:

    Block Smelting - Melt down metal blocks into bars.

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  2. ratkintheoverestimated

    ratkintheoverestimated Phantasmal Quasar

    Nice to see you back in starbound modding..
  3. simulatoralive

    simulatoralive Existential Complex

    Just don't expect much in the way of support and/or new content. Just like my More Planets mod, this was something I made for my own use.

    I don't think I'll be posting this on the Steam Workshop, either. From the massive number of brainless comments More Planets got over there, I've no interest in making that mistake again. Seriously, people were posting the same question over and over again, when the answer was in the comment just below theirs. Then there was the seemingly-endless stream of folks installing dozens of mods without testing each individually and then blaming my extremely simple, single-file mod with super cautious patching for their woes. Add to that, "Is this compatible with X" and I got sick to the teeth of the end users in short order.

    People are people, no matter where you go, I guess, and most of them need to be slapped. Too bad I've not got a button to make their computers do that for me. (Please understand the previous comment was mostly intended as a joke, but only mostly.)
  4. ratkintheoverestimated

    ratkintheoverestimated Phantasmal Quasar

    It's fine. I'm not a fan of the workshop myself because it makes it very easy for some people to spam meme tier trash as mods. I wish I could filter out specific "authors" and I use the term lightly.

    Also, you were working on a block based game weren't you?
  5. simulatoralive

    simulatoralive Existential Complex

    You can find that here. I got burned out working on sprites around April or May of last year and have been taking a break from it. I also spent a lot of time in between then and now unemployed and looking to find a new job. Now I'm working again and mentally super busy with that. It's a tough job with a lot of responsibility, but I love doing it.

    I've been playing Starbound to de-stress and what not. I'm modding a little just to take care of nagging things that have always bugged me, like a lack of block recycling recipes.

    When I get back to working on my game engine, you're likely to see me implement a plot-management/dialog tree system. I had some wonderful inspiration for that just the other day. It will also be handy for implementing simple multiple-choice GUI screens, like an initial game screen (new, load, options, quit, etc.). I've also got a good idea for the skeleton of a simple game in mind, based on that. It will initially be something like a choose your own adventure/visual novel type of thing, with some RPG elements. Eventually, I'll implement portions of the game as side-scrolling platformer levels, with the results of each level and it's choices affecting the way the plot branches.
  6. ratkintheoverestimated

    ratkintheoverestimated Phantasmal Quasar

    The sprites are looking great though. Hope you can finish it some day.
  7. simulatoralive

    simulatoralive Existential Complex

    Don't worry on that count. I've been working on it since February of 2016. I'm not bored with it, but I get a little burned out from time to time. It may take another 3+ years to reach version 1.0, but that's a random figure. I really don't know, other than "Longer than you likely think."

    I'll likely get back to it when I get tired of Starbound and/or get my life more figured out. I probably won't figure my life out until I get used to my new job, which won't likely happen until several months after my training is complete. At the moment I'm on one such training trip. I've got a minimum of one more coming and I've very little clue as to when that will happen. I'm enjoying my training, though, which is a bit surprising to me.

    Still, the game engine is playable as a sandbox game right now. I like to setup physics tests and watch them run. Then there's wiring. That one turned out to be easier to design than I expected. I like the algorithm I chose, but to be honest, it was a pain to initially get working.
  8. simulatoralive

    simulatoralive Existential Complex

    simulatoralive updated Block Smelting with a new update entry:

    Made it a Little Meteor

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