Boss Bloodwing

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  1. Sashima

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    This massive bat like creature knows well to stay away from it's targets! It will fly high in the sky out of melee range and shoot balls of fire down at you. It will move in a semi eratic pattern even if it isn't terribly fast. Be careful though, if he swoops down and grabs you he'll take a nice bite out of your life points.

    Bloodwing was originally a friendly bat that didn't do much other than hunt bugs for food. But when it came too close to a research facility, it was exposed to a toxic chemical mutating it into the creature you see now. Soon it learned with it's new powers that it could fly through space and travel from planet to planet, feasting on many forms of life.

    Signs of boss on planet:
    Animals/npc's with obvious bite marks on them. blood dripping from above will be an obvious sign before it attacks. Will only attack at night, if you fail to kill it, there's a chance that it flies away to another planet, or that it waits till the next night having healed completely.

    Hp [medium or high]
    Defense [low]
    fireball dmg [medium]
    Bite dmg [high] [heals bloodwing for % of dmg done]

    The idea for this boss was to create a scenario where you'd be forced to use strong ranged weapons to fight him. Using a melee would be suicide. However when he grabs you, he'll fly a short distance into the air and pause for a moment before biting you. While in his grasp you can use your melee weapon to hit him for massive dmg but when he bites you he takes a large chunk of your health in return.
  2. Seria-Myouna

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    I think it would be cool if you could try hard to stun/electrocute him when he grabs you or something to prevent the bite altogether.

    Guy 1: "Oh god he grabbed meee~"
    Guy 2: "Shoot, shoot, lasers, electronets go~"
  3. Sashima

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    haha, perhaps if you can burst enough dmg he just lets you go!
  4. Monork

    Monork Aquatic Astronaut

    "Massive bat like creature"
    Is this perhaps inspired by Borderlands? :p

    Still, sounds like a fun boss; risky fight for melee users like me.
  5. Sashima

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    oh god mothra.... *shudders* almost forgot about him!

    and yeah I think it would be a challenging and fun fight! and a challange to beat him with only a melee! :rofl:
  6. Tctoocold

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    How about when he bites you it drains life as well? (gives him a percentage of the life he takes)
  7. Sashima

    Sashima Big Damn Hero

    I thought that was implied that when he bites you, you take a large chunk of damage and he heals for all or a percentage of it.

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