Mob Blue Rock with spikes on it :D

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    *This thread will follow the 'How to Structure Your Suggestions' thread ( ) as a test to see how rigid the guidelines need to be*

    This thing, whatever it is, will be called a blue rock with spikes in it A Flogg.
    I assume spikes, possibly to craft with a gun to make a bayonet, or put on shields and armor to make it damage enemies. They could also possibly be used as a decoration item.

    Environment/Habitat: They would spawn at the bottom of the ocean, or maybe just any large body of water.

    Spawn Rate/Spawning Condition: It would not be that rare, as it is really just a boring lump of spiky rocks with a leg.

    Movement: it has one leg. Just one leg. How well do you think it can move? It hops around on the seafloor, very slowly. Luckily, they have a hard outer layer (but are still chewy on the inside!) and, because their spikes grow back, they can fire them at prey or predators, or players.

    Health/Mana/Stuff: Meh.

    Attacks: Ranged, because of the shooting spikes thing. They also can adjust the spike for melee, using them like blades, and they have deadly ranged accuracy.

    And I couldn't seem to post my image. D:<
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    you should get a admin to change the name.

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