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Modded "Blue Star" Casual RP Server (With Discord! No mic required!)

Discussion in 'Public Servers' started by Justin93Daniels, Nov 3, 2017.


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  1. Justin93Daniels

    Justin93Daniels Big Damn Hero

    It's been over a hundred years since the loss of Earth... but Humanity has managed to rebuild among the stars, thanks to the aid of the other races.

    Throughout the decades, more and more planets have been discovered, and inhabited. With the "Ruin" of legends no longer in the picture, the gates were sealed shut within the Outpost, and the "Second Maker", the mysterious figure of whom faced it... a student from the Terrene Protectorate... mysteriously vanished after that fateful fight.

    And though the hero's name and details vanished into obscurity, the actions of the brave soul planted a seed among the stars... a seed within our hearts, that inspired us to build... to grow... to flourish. Though the Terrene Protectorate fell with Earth, its legacy will live on.

    And we are that legacy.

    And as you wake up from another night in space, you look out the window, seeing your destination. You could go on ahead and start exploring the planet below you... or perhaps, you can visit the Outpost, and see what everyone else are up to? The choice is yours.

    IP Address: <Ask on the Discord Channel. Never tell, unless given permission by me, please. (NOT receiving an answer by me (Justin Daniels) is to be an assumed "No".)>
    Port: 21025
    Server Status: Online!
    Rules: <Told on Discord Channel. (Most of them are just common sense!)>
    Whitelist Status: Non-Whitelisted, Anonymous Users Allowed!
    Discord Link: https://discord.gg/fSZ3z53
    Admins: Justin Daniels (Myself)
    Modpack: https://nofile.io/f/z3tdrZQD2DN/mods.rar
    Mods Disclaimer: We don't use Frackin Universe. It causes way too much lag for most of our users, so we had to remove it. We no longer accept mods that change a large portion of the game's mechanics. We already have the Hunting + Wildfire mod and a few others that enhance gameplay, such as "Backpacks" and that mod that allows containers that are full to NOT drop their stuff. We even have "StarBoys", so you can play games within the game, if you get bored. (It's expensive, so just message me if you'd like my char to deliver one to ya!)

    We're an RP Community. The "ALL" Chat is considered "Radio Communications" from station to station, ship to ship, ship to station, and/or station to ship. To speak OOC in ANY channel, please use ( parentheses ). We allow it in all channels, so feel free to chat with us if you'd rather be the "Silent Guy" In-Character.

    Adult-Based RP is allowed with heavy limits. Namely, if you wish to "ERP", you have to use the "Party Chat", so the world and/or Universe doesns't hear it. However, if you'd rather not do that, we have "Shareable Beds" you can use to just go get a drink or something, and go "AFK" while your chars just do their thing... or, y'know, you can just NOT do it. Whatever floats your boat.

    No random acts of murder, no burning villages without a good IC Reason, and you HAVE to inform me of the planet name, and the village you're attacking, so players can know to avoid that area if they aren't interested in combat.

    Absolutely NO Overpowered "Godly Gear" allowed in PvP. If you fight, you fight fair! And NEVER in the Outpost!

    If another player does NOT want to PvP, you are to respect their wishes, and just let it slide.

    If you wish to build a town and/or settlement, let me know if you'd like me to help! If not, please at least inform me where you place it, so that I may add it to my list of places to "Protect".

    If you start out as a new char, I'd recommend "Casual Mode". We have the "Casual Hunger" mod, so you'll still have some survival elements to deal with, but with the exception of NOT losing all your stuff when you "Die".

    Death doesn't have to be "Death". If you fall from PvE combat, we can let your character simply get "Injured", then Beamed back into their ship. Additionally, we have the "Skip Cinematics" and "Optional Story" mods, so you don't have to fight the Erchius Horror to be able to fly into space.

    That all being said, feel free to swing by, even if for a leisurely "Hello"! We're still relatively small, but we hope to expand eventually, with full-fledged Player Cities and settlements, "Player Quests", and "Delivery Jobs"! Currently, the server is configured to allow up to 32 players to join, but that may be subject to change, and hopefully for the better!​
  2. Vanwe

    Vanwe Intergalactic Tourist

    Is this Server still running? Are there people still logging in?
  3. TheChriss

    TheChriss Space Hobo

    Can I enter with frackin races?

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