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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by Orinji Neko, Apr 6, 2018.

  1. Orinji Neko

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    Hello community!

    Recently, I have been working on a mod that adds a custom race for Starbound. I have used template files, and everything works, expect for one thing...

    ...the body parts (textures such as malebody.png) don't show in the character preview. The "race face" will appear in the menu (Xbawk's Menu), but, when I click on it, only clothes appear but no body parts...? I don't know if I need to specify the use of the body files somewhere...?

    (I'll supply a screenshot to show what I mean)

    Any help would be GRANDLY appreciated!

    Thanks! :p

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  2. projectmayhem

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    Always need an error log, or your mod in a zip file.
  3. Orinji Neko

    Orinji Neko Big Damn Hero

    Ok I'll give you the mod.
  4. Orinji Neko

    Orinji Neko Big Damn Hero

    And starbound.log
  5. projectmayhem

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    you have naming inconsistencies, is it suppose to be a Zabrak race or dathomirian race? I know they are kind of the same thing , but to the game they aren't. In your species file, you have
      "kind" : "dathomirian",
        "charCreationTooltip" : {
        "title" : "dathomirian",
        "subTitle" : "Dathomirian Race",
        "description" : "The classic Dathomirian race!"

    I think is the part that tells the game, this is a dathomirian race, so look in the humanoid/dathomirian folder for the body parts
    However, you have your body parts in a humanoid/zabrak folder. So just go through all your files, and choose either Zabrak or Dathomirian and rename everything to that specific race
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  6. Orinji Neko

    Orinji Neko Big Damn Hero

    I'll see if that works...
  7. Orinji Neko

    Orinji Neko Big Damn Hero

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