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Bug/Issue Bomb Bug

Discussion in 'Support' started by Celerias11, Aug 22, 2018.

  1. Celerias11

    Celerias11 Space Hobo

    After detonate a bomb (Cherry bomb) game crashed. It happens all the time, on farm and in caves.
    First there is a white screen, then the game crash and im go back to the pulpit.
    • TheLadySuzanna

      TheLadySuzanna Yeah, You!

      I've also had this happen to me when trying to detonate any bomb. Reverting to the 1.3.28 patch fixed the issue for me
      • Jabberwoky69

        Jabberwoky69 Space Spelunker

        Ver. 1..3.29.125537
        I can confirm I experienced the bomb crash also. Using a standard "Bomb" in the 2nd floor of the Desert Mine. Target area included various rock nodes and one copper ore node. I have attached the error log, the saved game file was too large to upload.

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        • mbretong

          mbretong Yeah, You!

          I have the same problem! it shuts down every time I use a bomb. Now I can't go mining :(
          Is there anything we can do?
          • geochz

            geochz Space Hobo

            I have the same problem! Happened twice in the mines with a cherry bomb. White screen, game crashes and closes.
            • N. Starr

              N. Starr Space Hobo

              I was having this problem and tested a few things. If I was opted IN to the beta, it did it to me as well. Opting OUT seemed to solve the issue. Not sure if it will do it in Co-Op or not, but I will test that later on with my BF and see what happens. His game, for some reason, was not updating when it was supposed to, but he finally got it.

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