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Discussion in 'Other' started by Lightning Wing, Jun 13, 2021.

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    I wanted to start this thread to discuss how Starbound can become more popular or at least be more known! I love Starbound and want to see it get the love it deserves. I would love to play the game with more people, weather it be friends or random people in a server. However the game is fairly unknown to a lot of people and whenever they do see it they often mistake it for terraria, or at least that what it looks like to me. From what I heard the reason Starbound simply isn't all that known is because first it was an early beta release and the beta release happened right after terraria released. This caused the games popularity to peak before 1.0 came out and that peak was over shadowerd by terraria, a game that does look visually similar. This also explains why whenever I show a friend a screenshot of Starbound they go "Oh cool terraria." and it BUGS me! Starbound is an extremely fun game with a strong modding community, it deserves more love! One thing I think could help make Starbound more known at least would be more advertising. I NEVER see any ads for Starbound despite how good it is, and from what I understand most people seem to learn about the game only by word of mouth alone, I could be wrong though. If Chucklefish got some ads for Starbound put on Youtube, Twitch, and maybe some popular mobile games then tons of people will know about the game. Another thing to make Starbound more popular is a MASSIVE update. When Minecraft had the aquatic update, the bee update, and the nether update it dethroned fortnite as the most popular game, and now we're all waiting for the caves update as well. If Starbound had a Massive update in addition to advertising the game then people would be directed to the game and then have their curiosity peaked when they hear about a big update. Maybe the update can massively expand on the Starbound universe kind of like Frackin, and include things like Black Holes, maybe a new playable race, one mod someone made in the community has you return to earth witch is another interesting idea. But I'm sure there's other ideas that can make a massive update improve Starbound. Obviously I can't predict weather or not Chucklefish would go out of the way to pay for ads or make an update big enough to compete with fan made mods like Frackin Universe, but at least we can spread the word of the game like crazy ourselves! And the modding comunity can make up for lack of updating, I'm possitive the last update we did get was the Bounty Hunter update, if I'm wrong feel free to correct me. I just want to see Starbound get more popular and get more love, it really has potential and I would love to see more people playing it. Without giving away your ideas for mods, what kind of things would you like to see in a massive official update? And what other ideas do you think could make Starbound more popular?

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