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  1. Opirian

    Opirian Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Galactic TV is proud to present the latest product of Opi Industries!
    Tank Drone.png
    This quadrupedal tank drone will send your enemies packing in coffins! With its 4 legs it can scale terrain or stomp your enemies into dust! With its state of the art front weapon mount you can outfit this bad-boy with any weapon such as:​
    • Large Caliber Cannons
    • High Powered Lasers
    • Large Scale Plasma Throwers
    • Gatling Guns
    • Flak Cannons
    • And Many More!
    Also thanks to its state of the art optic system it will always be able to land that shot on anything you tell it to destroy!​
    Opi Industries is not responsible for the destruction of the completely vulnerable and unarmored optic system.
    For your safety this tank drone comes equipped with our best inhibitor chip yet the F4UL7Y©! This inhibitor chip will keep the drone from going insane and destroying you and all of your loved ones.​
    Opi Industries is not responsible for any failure of the F4UL7Y© inhibitor chip.
    But wait; don't think we stopped there as this machine of destruction can also be equipped with your standard back mounted mech equipment as well such as:
    • Micro-Rocket Launchers
    • Mortars
    • Advanced Radar
    • And Many More!
    Buy yours today!
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  2. BurningMercury

    BurningMercury Title Not Found

    looks good, for kicks idve put motorised wheels in the base of each leg but i really like its modular nature
  3. Opirian

    Opirian Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Putting wheels at the base would make it more like a tatchikoma :rofl:
  4. Omnom18

    Omnom18 Void-Bound Voyager

    Ooooh, I like this. I think you could have several variants, all of which have interchangable weapons.

    For example, one type of chasis (base) can be your standard "all-round" one with average defensive and offensive attributes with no special abilities and only certain weapon can be attached - can't expect your Mega-Death Ray to go on something basic. This one should be craftable, as well as the chasis with upgraded defense and lowered offense and vice versa.

    Specialised chasis, like ones with wheels instead of legs for speed and a hovering drone for optimal mobility, should have to be found in the manners you specified. Other types could be dual weapon; heavy weapons only; "grappling hook" ability chasis; homing weapons only etc. This is from the top of my head of course.
  5. Ghoschief

    Ghoschief Phantasmal Quasar

    I like the idea, and the sprite is great... it would be fantastic if you could customize and stuff too
  6. Opirian

    Opirian Subatomic Cosmonaut

    I like this idea =D

    also imagine one of these:
    carrying these drones around.

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