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  1. TehEpikMonk

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    First off, I'd like to apologize for the terrible name. I couldn't really think of anything that suits the idea, so a semi-accurate title will have to do.

    You've just finished your first ever boss fight, and, having defeated the Giant Slime Monster of Jurlach and looted it, you return to your base for some celebrating. During the feast, though, you notice someone who wasn't there before. He's a scarred warrior with slightly greying hair and a fierce face. He's also wearing full armor, which is perhaps why you noticed him in the first place. This man is the Boss Hunter (I REALLY need to figure out a better name than that). You go over to speak to him, and he tells you that he is a renowned monster hunter who has become a mentor because of his old age. What's more, he offers to teach you. You accept, and he immediately moves in for good.

    This NPC does three things, really.

    He gives hints about bosses, tactics, and secret treasures, as well as other knowledge for the player to use.

    He also buys boss trophies.

    What are boss trophies? When you kill a boss, you cut off a prominent part of its body, something that is a known sign of the boss and proves that you killed it. For example, if one were to kill the Magnarana, they could expect some Giant Frog Legs to come with the loot. Once they get that, they can take it back to the Boss Hunter (Seriously, if someone can come up with something better, I'll give you a cookie. And credit). When you show him, he will offer to buy it for a nice sum of coins (his life of hunting has made him rich). However, he doesn't buy the same boss item more than once.

    It is also possible to trade in boss trophies for special items. For example, if you trade in three Giant Frog Legs, you can get a Frog Trident from the man. These are comical weapons, and aren't really useful for anything other than a gag fight with a friend. (Idea by GardenofFerne)

    The third thing he does is sell the regular combat items - bullets, syringes, etc, really just anything that will help you defeat the boss.

    There is also a slight possibility that he will help you fight a boss.

    Any feedback or suggestions (Particularly ones relating to the name of the NPC) are welcome.
  2. GardenOfFerne

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    Really good idea. Perhaps he tags along to help you fight a hard boss if you are in single player? If you were playing multiplayer or co-op I don't see much use in him coming along because most likely you will have other players helping you out when fighting the boss. About the name, I know Tiy has put in some features from other games like creepers from Minecraft so maybe he could implement the "boss hunter" named something like Van Helsing, to make it unique he could be named Dan Melsing or something like that so people would get the reference but it wouldn't be so direct. Also bouncing off of what you said about secret treasures, maybe he could generate random side quests where you would have to go out and find the hidden treasure by a riddle or map or a specific planet he tells you to go to.
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  3. TehEpikMonk

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    Thanks for the support.

    I think that he should really only tag along on really hard bosses, because otherwise it would be too easy. As for a name, I was considering something from Capcom's Monster Hunter series, although I doubt that reference would go over most peoples' heads (mine included). Yours works better, although I think it should be a bit more subtle.

    Maybe the reference doesn't even have to be in the name, but in something he says. Something along the lines of "My life, my job, my curse... is to vanquish evil." A few other quotes from "notable" monster hunters could possibly be thrown in there as well.

    The side quest thing sounds really cool. Maybe some could start with a note or some sort of information being dropped by a boss that doesn't mean anything to you, but the Monster Hunter knows exactly what it means, and he sets you on the quest.
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  4. Irrelephant

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    Maybe special buffs for turning in different boss trophies, it would probably be good to be able to repeat give boss trophies then though. Maybe the first time, coins or a buff, but every time you re-turn it in, you can only get the buff.
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  5. TehEpikMonk

    TehEpikMonk Spaceman Spiff

    Yeah, that would make sense.

    When I first made the idea, I considered the idea of trading in the boss parts for "training", which would give you something like extra damage towards bosses, or damage to creatures similar to a boss, and things like that.
    However, I think a buff system would work better.

    In fact, it would make me feel like Yrimir; defeating a weak boss just to get a buff. It reminds me of this video.
  6. GardenOfFerne

    GardenOfFerne Industrial Terraformer

    I agree that the name should be a little bit more subtle because it is pretty obvious. Something he said could work too, because it would keep the reference there but it wouldn't be that out in the open. I also like the idea of many many quotes from monster hunters because it would add a unique touch to the npc.

    The note idea sounds pretty cool too because then it would add more to the side quests because it wouldn't just be like here take this quest it would have a process leading up to it.

    Another idea I have is maybe instead of selling the trophies to the monster hunter you could collect many of them and if you gave him enough he would give you unique weapons or other items based off the trophies you gave him. For example say you gave him 3 frog legs that came from Magnarana like you mentioned in the first post. He could then give you a special sword like the frog axe or frog leg arrows. You don't have to do this of course, you could always just sell them too like you said.

    Overall I would just like to say I really think you did a good job on this npc and I really hope it is put into the game!
  7. Irrelephant

    Irrelephant Big Damn Hero

    Maybe along with a buff, you could also, if a boss has a certain type of "minion" enemy that's common, extra damage towards the minion, or maybe that can be one of the buffs
  8. TehEpikMonk

    TehEpikMonk Spaceman Spiff

    Yeah, that was one of the things I liked about Terraria NPCs, particularly the Old Man.

    I think what I like about the "note" thing is that it doesn't even have to be a note - it can be anything that fits with the "theme" of the planet. So instead of a note, it could possibly be something like an inscription on a rock and things along that line.

    Ha, that would make for some comical weapons. I think if it were to use something like three frog legs, it should be a trident or something - three points on a trident and three frog legs.

    If you don't mind, could I add that to the OP? I'd give you credit.

    Thank you (to the both of you) for the support :)

    I think that should be a buff; permanent upgrades don't bode well with me in a game like Starbound.

    I think instead of just a minion, it should be the type of monster it is.

    So, take Magnarana for example. It's just a big ass frog. Killing it and taking the buff should do something like do extra damage against frogs/amphibians/things that hop.[/quote]
  9. Irrelephant

    Irrelephant Big Damn Hero

    Ya, I'd rather not have permanent upgrades besides health or something.
  10. GardenOfFerne

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    Sorry for quoting the whole thing I was having trouble quoting it to specific parts because my computer was screwing up :(

    About the notes, I never really thought about it like that. Thats also a really good idea because its small but it will make it even more interesting when you're playing the game.

    About adding the unique items and weapons to the OP, it doesn't bother me. Go ahead!

    Right now i'm pretty much out of new ideas for this npc because I think the 3 of us came up with some good features for the boss hunter. If I think of anything new i'll be sure to post it!
  11. TehEpikMonk

    TehEpikMonk Spaceman Spiff

    Haha, it's fine. Don't worry about it.

    Thanks for giving me permission; I'll add that in and link your post and profile.

    And yes, the three of us did do a good job :)
  12. Sir Logan

    Sir Logan Phantasmal Quasar

    How about, maybe, if you go to a planet with trees that drop giant acorns you can initiate a cutscene where you see him dancing around a fire with an acorn mask and a staff. Your character 'says' "!?!" and he turns around like "?" then "Oh. Sorry about that. A little habit of mine.."
  13. Irrelephant

    Irrelephant Big Damn Hero

    Can you add the buffs? please
  14. Stargazer

    Stargazer Existential Complex

    Maybe you could call him a slayer? Overall it's a good idea, but I'm not too sure about him helping you fight bosses.
  15. Omatsu

    Omatsu Big Damn Hero

    I liked the Boss Trophy idea. There should be a book that registers your trophies or maybe a trophy room
  16. Tails7712

    Tails7712 Spaceman Spiff

    The Boss Trophy Idea Reminds me Of Fable I.
  17. TehEpikMonk

    TehEpikMonk Spaceman Spiff

    Huh, that could work.

    I think that the "Boss Hunter" could act like that and tell you your stats if you asked him to.

    I've never played Fable I, so that is kinda lost on me. Could you please elaborate?
  18. Tails7712

    Tails7712 Spaceman Spiff

    Whenever you completed a quest.You would get a trophy.Like a wasp head or something.
  19. TehEpikMonk

    TehEpikMonk Spaceman Spiff

    Huh, that sounds cool. What would you do with them?

    Oh, and Irrelephant, I think that instead of just buffs related to the boss, they should just be things like a temporary damage upgrade or something along those lines.
  20. Irrelephant

    Irrelephant Big Damn Hero

    That's exactly what i meant, i never meant boss specific buffs

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