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Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by TehEpikMonk, Jul 22, 2012.

  1. Irrelephant

    Irrelephant Big Damn Hero

    What I meant with the minion enemy thing was that if a planet has a chicken boss and a whole lot of evil chicken space enemies running around on that and a few other planets, then a buff could be extra damage to chicken enemies.
  2. Tails7712

    Tails7712 Spaceman Spiff

    You could show it off to people and stuff.You would hold it up.
  3. TehEpikMonk

    TehEpikMonk Spaceman Spiff

    The only problem with that is that there probably isn't too many chicken enemies in the universe, and it probably wouldn't be worth killing them. So, just a plain old increased damage buff that increases damage against anything, as well as similar buffs, would, in my opinion, work better.

    Oh, that's pretty cool. It would be nice to display your boss kills to your friends, but I'm not exactly sure how.
  4. Treeman4

    Treeman4 Pangalactic Porcupine

    Hello my good Monk and i would like to say what a wonderful idea this would be
    Also you said you were looking for a name better than Boss hunter?
    How about Jhon Mohran?
  5. Irrelephant

    Irrelephant Big Damn Hero

    Ya, i was thinking damage against everything buffs too, speed buffs, jump height, visibility distance, etc but buffs against a certain kind of enemy, like all robots or something, would also be good.
  6. TheAwesomeAvian

    TheAwesomeAvian Sandwich Man

    He could be the hunter of ledgends or something like that
  7. Omatsu

    Omatsu Big Damn Hero

    Oh, nice :) The Boss Hunter would be a very efficient NPC
  8. TehEpikMonk

    TehEpikMonk Spaceman Spiff

    I think the enemies would be split into four categories; animals, aliens, robots, and humans.
    Thank you for the support, and just a question, is Jhon Mohran a reference to something?
    Yes, yes he is.
    Yeah, that could work.
  9. Treeman4

    Treeman4 Pangalactic Porcupine

    Yes Mr. Monk yes it is
    Monster hunter to be exact
  10. Soprano

    Soprano Pangalactic Porcupine

    This would be awesome. I wouldn't have to tab out and go onto a wiki or anything. Oh and splendid job on... well... all your threads. :rofl: You make them so detailed and explain your idea/point completely. (Not something I'm too good at if I do say so myself.)
  11. GardenOfFerne

    GardenOfFerne Industrial Terraformer

    I attempted spriting the boss hunter and the attachment is what the final product ended up looking like. I was wondering if you liked it and if you don't I can change things so just leave any suggestions or comments. Also I just sent the picture from the program i was using to sprite it, so I can change it to just the sprite of the boss hunter himself if you would like.

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  12. shadowcrazy

    shadowcrazy Phantasmal Quasar

    I think he needs a fourth thing to do...actually fight bosses. it would be cool to see him in random locations fighting a boss or maybe appears out of the blue to help you out or something...I think that'd be a neat feature.

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