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Bug/Issue Boss inside the ancient vault do not spawn

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by Tairanos06, Feb 5, 2017.

  1. Tairanos06

    Tairanos06 Space Hobo

    Everytime i get to the boss room in the ancient vault he do not spawn and i get stuck inside the room (the exit dont open and cant go back the special door), i tried closing the vault several times and the same thing keeps happening.
    On a side note i was playing a moded race, havent tried a vanilla race, it is the first time i entered the ancient vault

    I am using windows 10 and a lot of mods, but only 3 of them are related to the ancient forge:

    -Upgraded Upgrades
    -Terraformer Megapack
    -Craftable Microformers

    Here are the other mods i am using:
    -Heavier Meteor Impact
    -Augment Extractor
    -Bunnykin Race
    -Collector's dream
    -Illustrious Apparel
    -Shield Enthusiast Mod
    -SoundBound - Video Games
    -Elithian Races Mod
    -Pixel Goods Store
    -Shield Augments
    -SoundBound - Anime
    -Melee Aiming
    -Flare Gun
    -Monster Parts from games you know!
    -Aimable Shields
    -Tenant Pack
    -Lamia Race- Naga Reskin
    -Freeze That Gate!
    -Skelekin Race
    -Old War Armory (Firearms, Cosmetics, Gear) v1.715
    -Elunite Race
    -Avali Drone Pet
    -Shellguard: Starbound Expansion
    -Extra Zoom Levels
    -Improved Eyes for Lamia- Naga Edition
    Ground Seeders
    -Avali Ship - New Teleporter
    -Time Control Tech
    -Avali Tier 9 and 10 Ships to support the Tier 9 mod and the Avali-Alternate-Ship Mod.
    -Tier Nine Ships
    -Vespoids. A wasp/beelike race.
    -Avali Alternate Ship
    -Avali (Triage) Race Mod
    -Complete weapon list at Biggy
    -More Mooshi
    -The Pony Modpack
    -Protectorate Ship (Human)
    -Star wars gear
    -Trap Crafting Station
    -Ultimate vore pack 1.8.5
    -Playable Fenerox!
    -Android Fluffalo - Balanced RAM Farming
    -Instant Crafting
    -Obe Monster Parts
    -Universal Uncrafter
    -Matter Duplicator
    -Sellable Throwing Items
    -Advanced Proximity Sensor
    -Monster Part Mod Pack
    -Very Varied Vehicles - Some spice to the hover bike shop
    -Craftable Components
    -Tactical Weapons
    -Searchable Tenant Tags
    -Weapon Fusion Station
    -The Orcana
    -Weapon Reinforcer
    -Weapon Megapack
    -Improved Techs
    -Craftable Seeds
    -A.V.I.A.N Pony Patch
    -Compact Crops
    -Improved Merchants
    -Spelunking EPP
    -Callistan Race Mod
    -Craftable Pet Collars
    -Lamia Race
    -Gardenbot2 : MP Friendly
    -Gardenbot2 : Reboot Edition
    -Ceiling Mounted Sprinkler
    -Perennial Crops
    -Weapon Stats
    -Enhanced Storage
    -Xbawks Character Extender
    -Improved Food Descriptions
    -ZZ Mech Modifications
    -Slime Race Mod
    -XS Mechs - Vehicle Edition
    -Unlimited Active Crewmembers
    -Earth's Finest - Crew Improvements

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