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WIP Bounty Hunters Arsenal

Discussion in 'Mod Packs' started by bob6784558, Sep 27, 2016.

  1. bob6784558

    bob6784558 Space Spelunker

    This mod is extreamly work in progress.
    I won't have enough time to pump out an update every day or maybe even every week but i'll try to reach my goal.

    My Goal: Make many weapons, armors, vehicles, and even some blocks. At some point i'll make a ship with an NPC that will give you targets to hunt.

    1.0.0 = Hopefully npc's and ship accessible.

    This mod is full of weapons that a bounty hunter such as myself would need to continue ya know, hunting.

    >To aquire the weapons you simply craft the Requisition Terminal in your "C" crafting menu.

    All of the stats most likely will change and the sounds, the projectiles, well I guess everything might change at some point.

    The jetpacks are a WIP item so use them if you want however they are not done (Not even close actually).

    Working on a bounty board, atm it's just a clone of the Requisition Terminal.

    37 Weapons at this point(some work in progress still):

    Fierce Spear
    Guardian's Sword
    Edge Sword
    Commando Assault Rifle
    Hornet Crossbow
    Kuni Launcher
    Trooper's Launcher
    Wolf's Pistol
    Pup's Bugged launcher
    Pocket Rocket
    Nightwatch DMR
    Silenced Smg
    HE Smg
    FMJ Smg
    Concussion Rifle
    Construct Launcher
    Equalizer Smg
    Lock pistol
    Carbon Mace
    Commando Assault Pistol
    HE Shotgun
    Modified Hornet Crossbow
    Deadeye Rifle
    Cyber Rifle
    Chain Fist
    Battle Rifle
    Grunt Sword
    Zer0's Blade
    Honed Axe
    Heavy MG
    Mega Rifle
    LAW 90 Launcher
    MK-1 RFMP
    Last Effort (Causes lag)

    Usable in mod packs with consent
    Mod assets editable with consent

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  2. Crusism

    Crusism Big Damn Hero

    The weapons in this mod are awesome! =D

    Though, question: what made you upload it here in the forum rather than uploading it into the Mods category?

    So far, I've tested every equipment - including the 'TEST Jetpack' - and everything's working and better; heck, I'd give this a 5/5 immediately after having tried a few of the guns.

    The only criticisms I have are (1) that the bullets for several of the guns are a bit too big (i.e. bigger than the barrel itself) and, thus, looks weird when shooting, (2) that the melee weapons' damage are mostly underwhelming when fighting endgame-tier enemies, and (3) that several of the non-futuristic guns' sound effect for shooting sound like BB guns; otherwise, this is a pretty great start and I love the pixel art for basically everything!

    My favourite now is the 'Nightwatch DMR', which is basically perfect - both in stats (scales with armour properly from low to high tiers) and in visual outlook (doesn't look huge)! That, and I really like how it has an energy-based primary fire and a bullet-based special (gives that special feeling of alternate firing for when energy blasts or piercing bullets are more appropriate for a situation).

    Also, the 'Wrist Shield MK1' is pretty darn cool (actually made me wonder why energy shields aren't in the game in the first place!)! The only downside is that I wish it came in all base colours (e.g. red, blue, green, white, etc.) as yellow is slightly offputting and out-of-place with the rest of my gear. X'D

    Otherwise, amazing work so far for a start!

    To add, I would like to make a request if you have the time: could you add a different variant of the 'Wolf's Pistol' where its handle is blue instead of green and where the shot's sound effect is more of a revolver (as 'Wolf's Pistol' is one of the non-futuristic guns that sounds like a BB gun)?

    Also, a question: are the 'Requisition Terminal' and the 'Bounty TV' supposed to be different from each other? At the time being, they seem to be the same crafting table?
  3. bob6784558

    bob6784558 Space Spelunker

    Sorry for not replying sooner:

    I uploaded this mod to the forums as an alternative download, someone on the steam version asked me to and I wanted them to have access to the mod like everyone else. I have never uploaded a mod to the actual site before so I messed up and thought this was the appropriate place to leave it, when I have a second i'll probably re-upload it to the appropriate one.

    All of the items in the mod are extremely work in progress, so like the bullets and the audio they are just place holders to mass create weapons and gear. I was hoping to have more time to work on the mod but because of school I don't have enough time to dedicate to this project (it's not dead it's just going to take time).

    The 'Nightwatch DMR' was one of my favorites and was created after playing some borderlands 2, it's inspired by a Jakobs gun in that game and thought the wood/leather look on a gun would look nice. Also wanted to try and make a convincing sight for any gun so it was somewhat a prototype.

    Down the road I was hopping to make a way of recoloring certain weapons and the 'Wrist Shield MK1' was going to be one of those weapons.

    The 'Requisition Terminal' and the 'Bounty TV' aren't meant to be the same, the 'Bounty TV' is a wip bounty board but at this point it's just a different style of Requisition Terminal.

    Thanks for the help, it's great to hear what I missed and suggestions on how I should continue. And sorry again for not replying sooner.
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