Bounty Hunting QOL: Significantly Less Scampering Involved

Discussion in 'Other' started by catocat9001, May 3, 2020.

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    The Bounty Hunter update was a step up, but it needs a few adjustments so you don't have to fly around as much, here's a few suggestions:

    1. Have the bounty board installed into SAIL as an additional function upon interacting with the one at the peacekeeper station for the first time, outlaws stay within a single system so you don't have to fly between stars, the High Value outlaw is now treated as the leader of that gang, upon capturing every outlaw within a system, you'll receive an ALL CLEAR reward.

    2. There is now only a single Peacekeeper station, once you improve your reputation, you'll be able to take on Mastermind quests(which are the former leader dungeons) to upgrade it, there's also a teleporter within it so you don't have to fly back every time to spend peace credits.

    3. Search for clue quests are now shortened to two parts, and quests that involve security codes have you search for the password before locating where the vaults are located.

    I await your opinions and feedback.

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