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  1. ConfusedFox

    ConfusedFox Void-Bound Voyager

    TL;DR: Electronic components (gates, timers etc.) should be put in container-type box and interconnected inside it.

    For now, electronic components in the game are placed directly on walls. This approach leads to some issues like finding place where they won't be in sight, interconnecting distant elements etc.

    There could (should?) be a box-like item which purpose is to hold all the electronics inside. A list of requirements:
    1. The item is placed on walls, staying in background and so not hindering player's movement.
    2. The item has number of input and output pins.
    3. Upon interaction through "E" key, the item allows placement and interconnection of electronic components inside of it, plus connection of them through its pins to outside world.
    (2) can be implemented in two ways. The first one is to make this number dynamically change with respect to components placed inside the item (e.g. adding a "not gate" whould add one input and one output). The second one is to make this number static and allow player craft different variants of the item (3 input pins and 2 output, 3/3, 5/3 etc).

    (3) can be implemented in lots of different ways. For example, the player is presented with window resembling scretchpad with vertical and horisontal lines covering the space. Input and output pins of the item are positioned on the sides of the window ("outworld pins"). Player drags and drops electronic components on the space, placing them on interconnection of lines. After placement, components' pins are visible as dots (possibly on mouse hover). Player connects pins of different components with each other and with "outworld pins". Working space can be implemented as infinite (with mouse wheel for zooming) or fixed-size (which can be related to size of the item). This example should be familiar to everyone (remember ship navigation screen?).

    Additional remarks: The item may have the ability to be "locked". The item may be stylized for different races. The item is limited to logical components (switches, timers etc.). The current way of placing components on walls can be left for players who like it more / for purposes of complex on-wall animated constructions / etc.
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  2. HaninNajah

    HaninNajah Space Hobo

    Very well explained, thank you for providing such a valuable information.

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