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    Majority probably knows, and there are videos everywhere, but I'm going to post this anyways. Many bosses, or possibly all, can be stopped by blocks! The exploits! They will probably fix this 99.9% but I will state my input anyways. Bosses should be able to go through tiles period. It would also be interesting if some bosses has attacks that can destroy tiles and other mobility skills, but either way they should be able to go through tiles unhindered; whether they just pass through or instant 'pickaxe' everything they run into.

    Some higher threat mobs should also have the ability to maybe dig underground, go through tiles, teleport, etc! Maybe they do already, but I don't know since I'm making this suggestion from a newb standpoint who has only casually played Starbound for a day or two or maybe three.

    Also about damages. Seems like the main focus is to make monster not hit too hard or light, but I think they should add more variety then just that. Maybe lower damage for some mobs but more difficult to evade (e.g. larger aoe, longer range spreads, splits, rapid). Or higher damage (maybe even one hit kill) but easily evaded (e.g. super slow moving ball of death that punishes all who face tanks). Average damage + Average accuracy is nice, but too much can make game play a tad insipid. I think I saw some lower threat mobs give debuffs like burn and poison, so maybe higher threat will have stuns or other more lethal debuff that encourages co-op/multiplayer. Hopefully not everything can be soloed.

    In conclusions, if mobs (mainly bosses) can be blocked in, they can be exploited. Proven in Terraria! Even if they have attacks that splash or pierce tiles, if their self can not then it's no good. Players theses days are too smart, so developers needs to be even smarter!

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