Buff sheds please? + pigeon coop idea

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Should sheds get an upgrade?

  1. Yes, this sounds like a good idea

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  2. No, theres something wrong with this

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  3. Maybe, but....

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  1. oinkgamer

    oinkgamer Cosmic Narwhal

    As i understand it, when using the most optimal layout, sheds currently hold less space than a fully upgraded barn (67 vs 135 spaces, according to the wiki). If the shed's one purpose is to hold things, it should at least do it better than any other building, right? I feel like the fair thing to do would be to allow players to upgrade shed space from Robin's store, the same way barns and coops are upgraded. Either space inside is increased, or a basement/second floor is added by the upgrade.

    Also, just as another suggestion, being able to build a pigeon coop would be neat. They'd be fed everyday like coop/barn animals, but instead of producing products, you would give them an item and a recipient, and the pigeon would deliver the item to them as a gift. This would be a way to gift villagers whose schedules you arent familiar with, or if you dont want to spend time trying to find them. Also, just like with other animals, they wont go out when its raining or storming (but maybe when its snowing)

    Edit: Suggested alternatives to Pigeon Coop gifting:
    •using the pigeon coop as a way to receive villager requests instead of walking to Pierre's
    •using mailbox to send mail w/ postage fee

    What are your thoughts on these ideas?
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    • Xamerzan

      Xamerzan Cosmic Narwhal

      I do honestly agree that sheds need to be upgraded to be better than barns in the sense of space.

      As for the pigeon coop, it is a neat idea, but when you think about it it'd be pointless... we have a mailbox, so why not have it so we can just mail stuff to townsfolk? That'd be simpler than having to mind pigeons instead imho.
      • Icewinde

        Icewinde Space Spelunker

        I fully agree on the sheds.
        Its not right to have barns used for other stuff than animals.
        Its fine if upgrading sheds is as costly or even abit more as it is to get a fully upgraded barn, take it also in two-step upgrade but the endresult should be abit higher in space as the barn imo. Not to much ofc.
        • Lilliput

          Lilliput Supernova

          Don't be so quick to dismiss this idea! I for one would love the chance to strap some mega-bombs to a pigeon and send it careening though the air to Kent and Jodi's house!

          Just to pay Kent back for all the explosives he sends me in the mail, of course. Being neighborly and all that.

          Not to mention the entertainment value in loading a pigeon up with a full-sized chocolate cake for Evelyn or watching one take off clutching a live lobster for Elliott. Gosh, the fun would never end. :poke:
          • Xamerzan

            Xamerzan Cosmic Narwhal

            Then it's just silly at that point. :mwahaha:
            • CartonCruncher

              CartonCruncher Void-Bound Voyager

              But if you're having a good time, isn't that the point?
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              • Xamerzan

                Xamerzan Cosmic Narwhal

                Well as I said before it's a neat idea, I just don't personally see the point in having something like that in the game. I'm certainly not opposed to the idea, I just think it's not as useful as having a mail system with your already in-game mailbox... it wouldn't require us to take up more valuable space as it would with the pigeon coop. If the pigeon coop was added though, I'd be fine with it. :3
                • CartonCruncher

                  CartonCruncher Void-Bound Voyager

                  Maybe have a system where if you want to send mail, you have to pay for stamps? or maybe the mail gets sent overnight, while the pigeon gets sent right away.
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                  • oinkgamer

                    oinkgamer Cosmic Narwhal

                    Yeah, the reason I had the idea for the pigeon coop instead of just using the mail system is that new players would immediately have access to mail, and would have no reason to gift villagers in person if they could just conveniently send stuff via mail. I dont want this idea to make in-person gifting obsolete, so thats just kinda what my thought process was.
                    I feel like a good compromise would be to pay a minimum of 100g OR a fixed % of the gifted item's sell value as a postage fee, whichever is higher.
                    • Dougyhowzer

                      Dougyhowzer Space Spelunker

                      I don't have a shed yet ; just a coop and small barn . I looked over the total space and I agree , the shed should have a lot more room for storage than the biggest barn.
                      Doubling or tripling the storage space and making it slightly a bit more expensive than the deluxe barn i think would work . Better yet , like the barn upgrades and costs, why not just add a big shed , and deluxe shed as upgrades .

                      That way we have options as to whether we want to upgrade or not. I think it's important to take into consideration that anyone who plays SDV is going to have different play styles and may want the option of upgrading to different sizes of sheds , not be forced to.

                      As for the pigeon/mail idea, I don't think it would improve the game as a whole. The reason I say that is because I am concerned it would take away the social aspect of meeting the other characters in person . I know that an argument could be made because of the existing mailbox already in-game and that we receive letters, recipes , and gifts etc etc that we should be able to do the same.

                      I think if their is enough interest for the game , I propose rather then add a pigeon coop and use them to deliver items , why not just make it possible to send gifts and letters and other stuff through the mail system . Making it completely optional

                      I think having a pigeon coop be added to SDV can be a wonderful addition with a different purpose . I just don't know what the purpose could be yet.
                      • Fuzzyman

                        Fuzzyman Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                        I'd like a basement upgrade for sheds so there'd be more places to place casks

                        If there were a pigeon coop portion, I'd rather that villagers could send me their requests than having to go to the store to read them
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                        • Icewinde

                          Icewinde Space Spelunker

                          Initially I din't really like the pigeon idea, hence why I din't commented on that but this one sounds really cool.
                          Would be awesome to get the villager requests like this! I always have been annoyed abit to run to town find out and Pierre wants some seaweed.
                          I usually don't run back to get it tbf cos what you get in return (like 60 gold or something?) is just not worth the trip back, specially not before you have the stable
                          But if you know before you head into town what to bring...... I might need another chest for those little things I don't care to keep at the moment
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                          • oinkgamer

                            oinkgamer Cosmic Narwhal

                          • Gewitsch

                            Gewitsch Void-Bound Voyager


                            1) the shed definetly needs improvements. I mean using a barn for the kegs etc. is not the right thinking.
                            The shed should provide enough place to create certain rooms for you. It makes a lot of fun to have a shed for either your money makers or personal style.

                            Here a youtuber named "thatdenverguy" gave some ideas for designing the shed.

                            2) the pigeon idea was for me at first sort of ... bad. Later on I liked it more and more. Would be nice that with 4+ or 6+ hearts you can send people gifts via pigeon. You would be limited to 1 gift sending per day.
                            Feeding could be implemented as essential for the pigeon to delivering the gift.

                            But as with most ideas. Maybe only a modder will find it charming, because SV seems to stay most likely in its current state with only getting the multiplayer next year.
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                            • Dougyhowzer

                              Dougyhowzer Space Spelunker

                              The pigeon coop idea that is expanded on with 4+ or 6+ hearts I like for the most part . Limiting the gifting the once per day works as well because it keeps the current need to socialize in meeting at the salon, homes , outside relevant as well.
                              Back to the shed thing, I still think having big shed and deluxe sheds as upgrades is ideal .

                              Again . The view I fall back on in with ideas to be implemented or features to be expanded is with using current mechanics already in the simulation and also where many options can be explored and fits the overall theme of the Stardew.
                              • viveleramen

                                viveleramen Seal Broken

                                Some suggestions for limiting pidgeons
                                - 1 gift/day (so you could only quick gift 7 people a week)
                                - 1 gift per person per week (or month) (so at least 1 gift would have to be in person)
                                - you could only quick gift at a certain heart level
                                - quick gifts worth half points
                                - only send request items

                                Could also add different birds, for example: pidgeons could be fast and send 2 gifts a day, ravens have a chance to come back with an item (usually stone/wood), and parrots have a chance to boost friendship. Effects could get better with birds' happiness.
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