bug report: guild dude interaction during event

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by MuffeAlmé, Jun 8, 2018.

  1. MuffeAlmé

    MuffeAlmé Space Hobo

    me and my friend is playing multiplyer in the beta and during the events if you interact with the guy from the adventurer´s guild, (he that is standing in the shop) the whole game crashes instantly we tested it during a few events and crashed every single time. Do not know what is causing it but i hope it can be fixed soon!
    • intervencion

      intervencion Existential Complex

      I'm having the same problem.

      Mr. Marlon, everytime he speaks, makes the game crash. Mine introduction made the game crash (Thankfuly we could skip the video) and talking to him in the eggs event made the game crash.

      I can provide savefiles for both situations if needed.

      Thanks you!
      • Mizzion

        Mizzion Phantasmal Quasar

      • intervencion

        intervencion Existential Complex

        I meant for the dev, to check them in case it's something specific.
        I'll check out your patch, thanks you.
        • Nachtperle

          Nachtperle Space Hobo

          Got that issue too. Luau on the beach, speak to the guilde guy and game crash.
          • Malkyne

            Malkyne Void-Bound Voyager

            I was having no trouble talking to him during events, until the Winter Star Festival, year 2. Then, talking to him crashed me out of the event. Well, I guess I don't get to swap presents, this year. :(
            • Mizzion

              Mizzion Phantasmal Quasar

              My fix from my initial post will fix his chat, so that it will work on any event/ any time you talk to him.

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