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Bug report

Discussion in 'Support' started by GunslingerSword, Oct 21, 2023.

  1. GunslingerSword

    GunslingerSword Space Hobo

    Custom Campaign Frustration (also posted on reddit).

    Help needed! I'm knee deep in a custom campaign I'm creating on the switch for wargroove 2. It's 4 player co-op, and I have several maps completed, but far from the full thing done. I went to upload a copy of the map and I'm getting an error saying it lost connection to the server every time I attempt an upload.

    I can't find anything online explaining what to do to fix this, and I don't want days (eventually months) worth of work never seeing the light of day for my friends and I to play together!

    I've tried to upload test campaigns on two other switches with different profiles and I encounter the same error "the connection to the server was interrupted. Please try again later." I don't know if this is user error of something I'm leaving off the campaign, or a bug, but would like to see if this is being worked on!

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    • Pangaea

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      It's unlikely you'll find help here. Try asking over on the official discord server if you have an account.


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