Modding Help Building a Mech from Vanilla Files--Where are the legs?

Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by AmazonValkyrie, Oct 27, 2017.

  1. AmazonValkyrie

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    I'm crafting a mech for my custom race, and I was perusing the parts today in hopes of beginning the process, however I can't seem to find the actual legs to the mechs. To be more precise, I cannot find the "thigh" and "calf" portions of the legs, so to speak. In the leg folder there are only the mech feet, and in the legjoint folder there are only the joints that connect the hips to the actual legs, but there's no imagery in the modularmech folder under vehicles that depicts the legs. If anyone could direct me to the proper location of the imagery for these, I would greatly appreciate it, as I'm (somehow) having little luck uncovering where they are in the vanilla files. Thank you very much in advance!
  2. GonDragon

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    As far as I know, there are only three parts on the vanilla mech legs:
    • The Hips: The part that connect the leg with the body, at "\vehicles\modularmech\hips"
    • The Joints: The part that connect the hip with the foot, at "\vehicles\modularmech\legjoint"
    • The Leg: That, actually, it's just the feets, at "\vehicles\modularmech\leg"
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  3. AmazonValkyrie

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    Well that's what I thought too, so I went in game to see if there really are actual legs and there are leg portions for the area between the hips and feet. They're also different for each leg type that you can craft. So if they exist in game there has to be image files for these portions somewhere. It just doesn't make sense that they're not located in the modularmech folder.

    Edit: I'll take some screenshots and upload them for reference.
    "Intrepid" legs in game:
    Only imagery found for "Intrepid" legs in leg folder under modular mech:

    Where is the actual leg imagery then? :/
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  4. GonDragon

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    Are you using any mod that modify the mechs? Like, XS Modular Mech or FU?

    Because this is how it looks the vanilla "intrepid" leg:

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  5. AmazonValkyrie

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    Gaaahhhh....I didn't realize it but Frackin' Universe modifies mechs :zzz: Thank you for suggesting I look into that. I don't normally use many mods at all so I didn't suspect it. I guess I also thought it was extremely strange to fathom the mech without the legs and only feet when I was viewing it in game at the time lol.
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