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    call to vexnica
    the steampunk fantasy role playing game
    accepting APPs

    so what is vexnica? its a steampunk fantasy game set in the world of vexnica.

    three different planets with three different races hear the call of vexnica:

    earth is inhabited by humans they build mighty steam ships and don't use any electricity and tame the beasts of there world when there heard the call of vexnica they built a mighty space ship of steal and steam and set of to vexnica

    cromnonic is the opposite of earth inhabited by telepathic semi solid phantoms called porvits that use electricity, and a rare metal called comic when they heard the call of vexnica they where weary of going to vexnica but the urgent nature of the message convinced the elders that it was worth going

    tesnica is a planet inhabited by zalkatics a ape like race that use steam to power there robotic creations that are armed with weapons that shoot out bursts of electricity at there foes. when they herd the call of vexnica they left right away to help vexnica

    other info (must read!!!):

    vexnica is divided into "seasons" as you play and do big things during the season you get you get ancienter tokens that you can use whenever you make a new character to give them a buff once you use it its gone tho.

    at the end of each season a new season will start and all players must make new characters, the events of the season will affect the next

    season one(open):
    still working on, sry
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