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Discussion in 'Vehicles and Mounts' started by ChaoticGamer, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. ChaoticGamer

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    Like titan fall the game, just call your mech down, someone made suggestion, but I don't see the dev actually put it into the game nor I think his post/thread is alive so I am just calling it down.

    Deploying mech just find a button call it down and wait for 5 second find a spot to land, it have to on surfaces and not UNDERGROUND, to reduce overly abuse for mech like get instance hp, the call drop for your mech again would be 10 seconds to wait for calling it, but if your mech has some dmg some the dmg will be repaired, because its not like they change the armor of the mech with an instance, so casting it away your mech is 10 seconds your mech will be repaired 20% because this isn't one your online game, but with in like 30-60 seconds the mech is fully repaired, but doing this in space will not let you call on your mech because in orbit its really hard aim and not kill your player while your crew/ship ai fire your mech at you or probably miss.

    simple slap and it is down for call in other short term words its simple task and easy job apply to the game.
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  2. SickSix

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    Yes, a mech call down function should have been part of the release. But I do want to call my mech down a mining shaft I make to help me mine. It should be blocked from instances.
  3. ChaoticGamer

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    it be still cheating in some what view, you probably want remove the background and much dirt to be removed.

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