Can Act 2 Side 2 actually be won?

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    So, the title pretty much sums it up. How can the mission be won when Sedge can generate significantly more gold per turn and hence buy more units? At one point Sedge had 28 units against 14 of mine. I've tried several different approaches, from holding back and trying to build a force - this means I can't capture villages so the funding gap increases - to positioning units in mountains or forests - but overwhelming opposition means that the units are just worn down. I've tried buying faster units to rush the stronghold, but Sedge just buys cheaper units and wins through weight of numbers. I just don't seem to be able to advance any forces further than the central island without my units being massacred - usually by trebuchets and/ or Sedge, who's groove power is much too strong - he can basically wipe out numerous units in a single turn, meaning defensive positions can disappear instantly. The mission seems seriously unbalanced.
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      This is the Greenfinger fight against Sedge, right? Use his Groove to block off the bridges and use the bridges as a chokepoint. Use Rangers and Trebuchets to pick off the enemies approaching and then send Pikemen and Knights through. Focus most efforts on the south side and capture Sedge's Barracks. From there, you can take out Sedge's Stronghold with Rangers from your new Barracks.
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        Yes it's possible, I mean, a lot of people have played the game so I'm sure plenty of people have done it. One strategy here I did was going forward with the commander as they are often prioritized by the enemy AI. Commanders are very strong so using them as bait to soak up the damage and do counterattacks is often a good strategy for most missions but also risky. Build trebuchets early as he's going to build giants. I was only able to 1 star from this mission though so... maybe not that good of a strategy. I scared him off too much.

        To get 3 stars and maybe S rank I think you'd actually want Sedge try and come in to take control of the central area that way you can trap him using Wild Growth (either around him or on the two bridges) then kill him off easy.
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          I finished this in 14 turns if not less, I forget. Get Greenfinger over to the middle island with a wagon ASAP, taking the northern route and build at least two Trebuchets. Have GF tank a few hits which gets Sedge all excited and heading over to the middle island. He should eventually overreach so you could trap him in with vines and Trebuchet him twice and clean up with perhaps a Pikeman or Cavalry. But yes, Sedge runs more than not most times...I believe I had to retry this mission at least 10 times.

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