Can anyone help me put together a bunch of different hair png's into an xnb file?

Discussion in 'Mods' started by SunshineTae, Dec 26, 2019.

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    I've been trying to put it together in photoshop, but it never shows more than 56 or so hairs in game. I have 5 png's I'm trying to put into one png and it's just not working in game. Can anyone either 1. tell me what I'm doing wrong or 2. put them together for me?

    below is what I put together myself

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      I wouldn't recommend making it XNB. You could use this as like a "templet" (i usually use mods doing similar things as to what I'm trying to do to help me). They are using Content Patcher, but it says it doesn't replace the original hairs. Hope this helps ^^;

      I made this to hopefully help you out. I did everything except perfect the hairstyle placement on the sprite sheet. I fixed yours a little because some were so off they were half way down the farmer lol. But some of these are definitely still off.

      This will totally overwrite the regular XNB file, not just add the hairs (cuz I was having sprite issues)

      Anyways I hope this helps you ^^ you can totally toss my sprite sheet and fix up your own, I recommend it cuz who knows if I messed up even 1 pixel :rofl:.
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