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Discussion in 'Mods' started by ThatNorthernMonkey, Mar 29, 2016.

  1. ThatNorthernMonkey

    ThatNorthernMonkey Aquatic Astronaut

    Yeah I'm running into this problem more and more - lack of save files in different states of the game. Different seasons, years, levels of development, farmers, ranchers etc. I was hoping you guys could help by zipping your save files and attaching them to a post in here. Ideally it'd be good to have a website that you could tag various aspects of your save for devs / other users to filter by, but this will do for now :)

    Save files are located (on Windows):

    c:\users\<your username>\appdata\roaming\Stardew Valley\Saves\

    Right click your save folder and add to a zip file, then just attach it to a post below :)


    Edit: forgot to attach my own :p Year 3 Spring, Mix of crops and animals.

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    • Jinxiewinxie

      Jinxiewinxie Farmer Fashionista

      Here is year 1, Fall 27 with cat pet & coop & chickens & first house upgrade

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      • Jokerine

        Jokerine Scruffy Nerf-Herder

        Happy to share. My save is still in a super-early stage of the game: spring, day 17th of year 1. Female farmer with pretty low stats overall, haha. It's also raining ;)

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        • Z3r0ViP

          Z3r0ViP Void-Bound Voyager

          Hope it helps. 19th, Fall of Year 1 :)

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          • Shajhirah

            Shajhirah Master Chief

            Sure! Year 3 Fall, lots of different accomplishments and things but not quite 100% (yet).

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            • ThatNorthernMonkey

              ThatNorthernMonkey Aquatic Astronaut

              Thanks people :) Helps a lot with testing.
              • Dougl07

                Dougl07 Big Damn Hero

                Year 2, 22nd of Winter. Deluxe Coop and Barn, House Level 3, Hubby and a Baby Boy.

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                • Trifoilum

                  Trifoilum Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                  4 save datas at 4 different time, since I'm......backupping for a while.

                  Not exactly the most updated though.

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                  • Moeppelchen

                    Moeppelchen Void-Bound Voyager

                    18th of Summer, Year 3
                    Community Center completed
                    First Mine completed
                    Married to Leah
                    House upgrade 2
                    Coop upgrade 2
                    Barn upgrade 3
                    Fruit Bat Cave
                    Horse stable

                    Hope, this is enough information? :laugh:

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                    • DatRaph

                      DatRaph Big Damn Hero

                      Fall of Year 2
                      Married to Penny, no children
                      Community center incomplete
                      2 coops, 1 barn, horse, mushroom cave, house with first upgrade

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                      • cure

                        cure Big Damn Hero

                        6th of Fall Yr 1
                        Married To Abigail (Huge Mistake)

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                        • SasuraUchiha

                          SasuraUchiha Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                          9 different Save Files within a range of 2 weeks.

                          Most recent one:
                          10th of Fall, Year 2
                          Community Center complete
                          First Mine complete
                          Married to Sebastian, no children
                          House 3
                          1 Big Coop
                          1 Deluxe Coop
                          2 Deluxe Barn
                          1 Slime Hutch
                          1 Stable
                          Mushroom Cave
                          4 Silos
                          1 of every Fruit Tree

                          Edit: Forgot to mention, at one point I edited my Save File to include a second pet. So I have dog and cat.

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                          • bulbaswat

                            bulbaswat Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                            Maybe add a quick rundown of where to find your save file to the OP, as I would like to contribute, but can't find my file.
                            • Bouhm

                              Bouhm Big Damn Hero

                              C:\Users\{User Name}\AppData\Roaming\StardewValley\Saves

                              Here's my save file:

                              7th of Summer, Year 1.
                              - Small coop with 1 Chicken, Silo, No other upgraded Farm house/buildings.
                              - No notable social relationships
                              - Pet dog
                              3 Farming, 3 Mining, 5 Foraging, 4 Fishing, 3 Combat

                              Good luck!

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                              • bulbaswat

                                bulbaswat Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                Thank you Bouhm!

                                Here's the details off the top of my head:

                                Year 1, Winter, Mon. 22, Snowing
                                Character: Male, Dog Pref, Favourite: Cheese, Farm: Ultima, Hairstyle #5, No Accessory
                                Married, Sebastian, No Kids Yet, Max Hearts
                                3 Stardrops obtained
                                - Max Hearts W Sebastian
                                - Forest Statue
                                - Stardew Valley Fair (I think that's what it's called)
                                House Upgrade 1 Complete
                                1 Silo, 1 Basic Coop
                                1 Chicken
                                Mine Floor 85 Reached
                                3/4 Dwarf Scrolls Obtained
                                Minecart Fast Travel Unlocked

                                I also checked this information:
                                Skill Levels
                                Farming 9 Tiller
                                Mining 7 Miner
                                Foraging 7 Gatherer
                                Fishing 7 Fisher
                                Combat 6 Fighter

                                Watering Can = Copper
                                Hoe- Normal
                                Axe - Steel
                                Pickaxe - Steel
                                4 Crab Pots
                                All Fishing Rods

                                Rusty Sword
                                Steel Smallsword
                                Wood Club
                                Lead Rod
                                Master Slingshot

                                If there is any more info you think I should provide, do let me know :)
                                Also let me know if you want me to upload a normal .zip instead of .7z, I only did .7z because it was the quickest method to zip it for me

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                                • zyymurgy

                                  zyymurgy Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                  Does it matter if they're modded and/or cheaty and non-vanilla in any way? Otherwise I'd zip mine, but I have started a "new game plus" if you know what I mean :p And I use almost every mod released on these forums, lol.
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                                  • 414a4c

                                    414a4c Space Spelunker

                                    Heres mine... I just started winter (yr 1) only have a standard barn and coop and a little plot for crops. completed 3 community center rooms
                                    Im nearing 10 hearts with most of the boys but not married yet :laugh:

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                                    • ThatNorthernMonkey

                                      ThatNorthernMonkey Aquatic Astronaut

                                      Thanks guys, a nice variety to test with :)

                                      Nah doesn't really matter, as long as they run vanilla it doesn't matter how they got to where they are :)
                                      • charlottenoyen

                                        charlottenoyen Void-Bound Voyager

                                        I've included all the info I can think of in the spoiler tag. My save folder also has a bunch of backup saves from earlier in this same game.

                                        Winter, Year 2, Clear Weather, Festival of Ice

                                        Female, Dog, Single
                                        1 quest in log (fish casserole)
                                        Around 5 hearts for all NPCs
                                        All skills at 10
                                        Farming: tiller, agriculturist
                                        Mining: geologist, excavator
                                        Foraging: gatherer, tracker
                                        Fishing: fisher, mariner (edited)
                                        Combat: fighter, defender

                                        Unique Items:
                                        Slime charmer ring
                                        Galaxy Sword
                                        Golden Pumpkin (chest inside the house)

                                        Game state:
                                        Community Center finished
                                        Museum close to finished
                                        All areas unlocked (including casino)
                                        Most recipes (crafting and cooking) unlocked
                                        1 legendary fish caught

                                        Mushroom cave
                                        All tools fully upgraded
                                        House fully upgraded
                                        Greenhouse (ancient fruit, rare seeds, strawberries, all trees, various crops)
                                        1 silo
                                        1 deluxe barn + 1 regular
                                        1 deluxe coop + 1 upgraded
                                        Horse stable
                                        Slime Hutch with egg press and incubator, several slimes (green, red, blue)
                                        At least 1 of every animal + void chickens, most at 5 hearts
                                        All artisan crafting machines present on farm
                                        3+ tapped trees of every kind (maple, oak and pine)
                                        Supply chest next to shipping crate, can build most craftable items in the game from there
                                        Chest with every villager's favorite gift next to that one

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                                        • Ciriun

                                          Ciriun Big Damn Hero

                                          Year 1, 26th of Winter
                                          Pet Cat
                                          Chicken coop, 2 chickens
                                          House expanded once
                                          Community center not completed
                                          No spouse

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