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Server Help Cannot connect with my external IP

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by MAyDay8, Jul 24, 2016.

  1. MAyDay8

    MAyDay8 Space Hobo

    Hello Everyone. I've check my Windows Firewall. I forward router's port 21025 and check it by http://canyouseeme.org.
    When I'm trying connect to or my local IP it connect without any problem.
    But when I connecting to localhost or my external IP I get this error:
    What's problem guys?
    --- Post updated ---
    Seems it's this problem happen when I connect like that, but my friend can connect, so there is no problem)
  2. DamageSource

    DamageSource Yeah, You!

    if you're playing on the same machine as the server you are hosting, then you use You can't use your external IP, that's the IP you give to your friends. It doesn't seem like "localhost" is recognized by his game so you wont use that.

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