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    I'm very new to Starbound, so I thought I would explore the game with powerful gear and stuff before a real playthrough. After the intro mission, I used /admin, speedran the Erchius quest, and unlocked all 3 basic techs at the outpost. But now I'm kinda stuck. I can't seem to get advanced tech (mech, gravity neutalizer, etc.). I tried upgrading my ship with fake licence cards, all the way to Condor, because I thought it would upgrade S.A.I.L., but it didn't. I know that you need tech cards, but I don't know what to do with them or where to find them. I really want to know how to get those advanced techs without doing all the quests and missions, but I can't find any answers anywhere. Please help if you know what to do!
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  2. Jonesy

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    SAIL isn't used to access techs. You need to use the tech console at the Outpost.
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    mechs and gravity neutralizer are not techs

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