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Can't add first dwarf scroll to the library

Discussion in 'Support' started by moonchild73, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. moonchild73

    moonchild73 Space Hobo

    I have found all 4 dwarf scrolls. I added 2, 3, and 4 to the library but didn't add #1 early on (it never said "you can donate this to the museum"). Now when I try to donate it to the museum, I can't. But without doing so I can't understand the dwarf in the mines. Any suggestions? Thanks, all.
    • Mobfi.Steinbaum

      Mobfi.Steinbaum Aquatic Astronaut

      Hmm, maybe try and find another #1 dwarf scroll..
      Maybe it's a bug or something? :confused:
      Got the #1 pretty fast.. the #4 took me a eternity to get.. ._.

      Hope someone can give you a better answer than me.. :geek:
        Last edited: Jan 14, 2018
      • moonchild73

        moonchild73 Space Hobo

        I'm already at level 95 in the mines and have only found one of each type of scroll. Maybe I need to try some of the early levels for another one?
        • Mobfi.Steinbaum

          Mobfi.Steinbaum Aquatic Astronaut

          Green slimes (mines and secret woods) drop it sometimes or you can hoe (bomb) the soil in the mines..
          thats how I got mine.
          But I don't remember what Level.. :confused:
          killing some Duggys could be another chance.. they drop it, too..
          Maybe try the first 40 floors again.

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