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Discussion in 'Mods' started by Aurela121, Mar 10, 2020.

  1. Aurela121

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    I have a lot of mods, but game was running just fine until I went to try to cook something after upgrading my house. The cooking window doesn't open and I can no longer interact with the cooking areas or the fridge. My log is

    And this is just a screenshot of basically where I'm interacting. I can interact with the fridge and store stuff in it, but once I go to cook something I just get stuck.

    I can move around, interact with the TV, leave the house and do things like normal, but I cannot cook or interact with the fridge.
    • Melindee

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      You don't have all of the required mods for Hisame's New Recipes. Go to the description page here and check the requirements and install them as well as any of their requirements you don't have.

      You have two mods with the same item names. Find out what they are and either rename one of the items in all their references or delete the mod.

      After you done that, reload the game. Post a new log if problems persist. Good luck!

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