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Can't Fish PS4

Discussion in 'Support' started by Ku-rai, Mar 16, 2018.

  1. Ku-rai

    Ku-rai Seal Broken

    I recently started playing stardew valley. And noticed that I can't fish. I'd cast my line and when it would make a sound nothing else would happen! No gauge! Nothing! pressed every button I could, nothing. I don't wanna start over and redownload the game and such.

    Thanks q.q
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    • its_me_db

      its_me_db Space Hobo

      The same thing is happening to me. It's happening on my macbook air and on a cheapo dell I use at work. Very frustrating.
      • Ku-rai

        Ku-rai Seal Broken

        It actually started to work after the fall carnival. I entered the fishing tent And it started to work for me. And then I started over cause I didn't like the room that came with my spouse ( Shane -.- ) and fishing worked just fine for me now.

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