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Server Help Can't host my own server.

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by ZarexWolfy, Jul 3, 2019.

  1. ZarexWolfy

    ZarexWolfy Tentacle Wrangler

    When I want to start up my game I always get the error message: Join Failed! Error connection to (IP adress) (NetworkException) cannot connect to (IP adress): E I'm new to Starbound and downloaded a bunch of mods and I really want to play with a friend of mine. I tried installing PenGUIn and attempted other methods but everytime I try to launch the server the error still appears.

    I'm also new to port forwarding so that might be the issue but I'm not quite sure.

    I've seen that many people have the same issue but any tutorial I watched and tried resulted in failure :(

    Help would be really appreciated! upload_2019-7-3_20-45-27.png
  2. DamageSource

    DamageSource Yeah, You!

    you need to forward the port 21025 for TCP.

    When running penguin, you don't connect to the public IP address that's at the bottom. That's the address you would give to your friends. You wanna connect to the IP of the machine its running on. You can find this running command prompt and using the command "ipconfig" without quotes.

    try connecting with that and it should be fixed.

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