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Bug/Issue Can't interact with children and cut scenes freeze game.

Discussion in 'Support' started by DWrathh, Mar 9, 2016.

  1. DWrathh

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    I've mostly lurked on Stardew Valley forums but I've hit a roadblock and I figured someone in this lovely community / fandom could probably help me out.
    The first problem to arise was an inability to interact with my first-born child shortly after my second child was born. Now that he's a toddler running around and she (the second) is out of the crib, I can't interact with either of them. At first I thought it was purposeful because I could interact with the second child when she was in the crib and I just chalked not being able to interact with my first child in the later toddler stage up to this stage not having a portrait or something. But now that I can't interact with either, I know something's wrong.
    And I've been dealing with that problem for a while but I just let it slide because it's not game breaking and there's another update coming out soon anyway that might just magically fix it.

    But cut scenes freezing the game is a problem.
    I'm really good friends with a lot of the villagers so cut scenes are bound to happen (and have) a lot. The scene goes smoothly until I assume I'm supposed to answer or respond. But I'm never prompted and the game just stays at that frame. The music continues and the window still says it's responsive. The game just freezes.
    I assume the problems are unrelated but I figured I'd ask about both.

    Some information that I assume will be helpful:
    • Version: 1.04 GOG
    • Mods:
      SMAPI 0.37.1
      In-Game Cheat Menu v1.5.1
      A few different retextures (i.e. Milktank Cow Retexture, Mareep Sheep Retexture and a dog retexture. I can link the threads if necessary)
    I wouldn't doubt that it was something the mods did or something I messed up.
    At the moment, I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling (backing my saves, of course) and launching the game without the mods.
    I'm not really sure what to do and any help would be awesome.
    If more information is necessary, I'm glad to provide it. I just don't know what might be needed.
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