Can't Load Save After Exiting to Title Screen

Discussion in 'Mods' started by Jowy Avilon, Aug 13, 2017.

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    Today I downloaded a few new mods (Entoarox Framework, Xnb Loader, Space Core, Custom Farm Types, Immersive Farm, Extended Minecart, and Forage at the Farm to be precise) and suddenly I'm having this issue of, when I launch the game I will load a save data and it'll load just fine. However, if I exit to title screen and load another save file, the game crashes. This only seems to occur when I do the option of exiting to title screen. The attached SMAPI error log is for this problem specifically.

    Another problem I seem to be having, again only starting today with the installation of the above mentioned mods, but don't have a SMAPI error log for yet because its only happened twice is, When I try to load a save, it just boots me back to the chuckle fish portion of the splash screens. It then just repeats that same process over and over till I exit the game and relaunch it. If that problem recreates itself I will upload the SMAPI error log for it. Just adding it here in case someone else has had this problem and perhaps a solution to this one.

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    • Xuomi

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      This is a known issue with some mods right now (primarily Entoarox Framework I believe). You can't exit to title and play another save file, you need to exit the game completely.

      When SMAPI 2.0 releases and the mods update, see if the problem persists. Until then, just don't use the Exit to Title option or uninstall the mods.

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