WIP Can't really think off a name but we can call it "The Hell Mod" for now.

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    So as I've said, we can call it The Hell Mod.

    • It is an endgame mod, makes the gameplay actual hell when you reach that level.
    • Gonna be hot.
    • Deep deep down.
    • Burning weapons
    I will start with the sprites and textures. More over, I will learn the "code" of the game in the meanwhile.
    Some help from modders would be highly appreciated!

    What will it contain?
    A huge new "layer" for the skull cavern, possibly as deep as 1000 levels deep.
    A brand new tier of weapons with special attacks and maybe inflict debuffs.
    A possible "boss" at the end of the Hell level.

    This is obviously going to be the LAST level of the Skull Cavern. Though. It will be huge.

    Spoilers :)
    First of all, the boss will be named "The Demon Lord". He will drop some powerful weapon that will help you destroy the game further on.
    Hellsteel tools with special abilities like Inflame for the Hellsteel Pickaxe. It will instantly turn ores into BARS.
    Can't really think off more for now. Sorry
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      Can't guarantee that I won't cancel it.

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