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Bug/Issue Can't Start DLC on PS5

Discussion in 'Support' started by Jigsawn, Feb 20, 2023.

  1. Jigsawn

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    Hi, I am unable to start the Double Trouble DLC on PS5. I have the disc version of Wargroove and previously I played it and the downloaded DLC fine on my PS5. However for some reason now when I enter the game (it's been about 6 months since I last played), when I select Co-op under Campaign in the main menu, it takes me to the PS Store for the DLC where it tells me I have already installed the DLC. There is no way to actually access the DLC any more, the menu option only takes you to the store regardless of if you have the DLC installed or not, and backing out of the store just takes you to the campaign menu again. The game is up to date with the latest patches etc and my PS5 is online with no issues.

    I uninstalled both the main game and DLC, installed Wargroove again and tried downloading the DLC via the campaign menu again. This worked but once installed I was still taken to the PS Store when selecting Co-op campaign, where again it told me it was installed. Even quitting the game and returning had the same result. Then I tried uninstalling both the game and DLC but this time installing the DLC via the PS home menu sub option 'Manage game content'. This installed the DLC fine but again I was unable to access it via the campaign menu in the game with the same result of being taken to the PS Store where it said the DLC was installed. There seems to be no way to actually start the DLC any more. Maybe the PS Store got updated and the linking from the game to the store got messed up in the game code somehow so the game doesn't validate you have the DLC installed now?

    Note that I am able to continue the base game campaign fine and all my other progress has been saved.

    Would appreciate any assistance with this as I'm 3/4 through the DLC campaign and want to finish it!
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