RELEASED [Card Captors] Sakura's Wands & The Transistor - Galaxy Weapons for 1.1

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    Before the 1.1 update I wanted to use these two mods together but didn't learn how to mod the game so I never could. With the 1.1 update, now all 3 galaxy weapons are obtainable so I thought it would be nice to merge the mods and replace all 3. Now I learned how to do just that. I do not own either mod and I am not claiming ownership for either one. Please don't give me any praise since neither mod is my own; the original authors deserve all the praise.

    • Stats for the weapons are unchanged from vanilla but the name and description is if you use the data folder content (Even for the Card Captors weapons which were not changed in the original mod).
    Things to Note:
    • If you use other weapon mods, you may overwrite this one or vice versa. (hence why I merged these two).
    • The Galaxy Sword you get from the event might keep its original name and description (Mine did) but the ones for sale at the guild do not.

    Off Forum Download:

    Links to the original mods:

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