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Discussion in 'Characters' started by Deadlift, Mar 17, 2020.

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    Im still working on it + i need to make the portraits (which im bad at), but overall what i need the most is feedback, i'll use this sprite on a Marriage mod for her, which im thinking on adding a lot of lore to make her a real character and not a joke, i don't want to make just a "dateable" mod with poor dialogues.

    So for now, i'll be working on the sprites, if for some reason someone wants to help me with the portraits i'll be forever gratefull.

    Also, i know the "ponytail" looks weird, and tha'ts why i need feeback! feel free to give me your honest opinion.

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    • Wolffang719

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      I'd bring her legs together personally; I know most of stardew valley suffers from bowlegs but I never really liked that look, hell the first thing I ever did once I learned how to open .XNB files was edit Abigail so she didn't look like she's spent the past thee hours on a mechanical bull

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