RELEASED Cat Replacement - Replaces the Cat with Temmie from Undertale

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    I have made a small mod that replaces the cat with Temmie as you already read in the Title.
    The Annyoing Dog replacement mod inspired me to create a similar mod with Temmie that replaces the cat.
    Originally this was just for private use but I decided to release it.

    Credit for the sprites goes to Temmie Chang. I only edited a few sprites.

    How to Install this mod:

    1. Go into the game folder of Stardew Valley.
    2. Open the folder "Content" and then "Animals".
    3. (Optional) Rename the file "Cat.xnb" to something else like "Cat.xnb.original" or copy it somewhere else.
    4. Copy the file you downloaded into the folder.

    How to Uninstall this mod:

    a.) Delete the modded file and rename your backup to it's old name or copy it back.
    b.) (Steam only)
    1. Rightclick the game in Steam choose "Properties" and then "Local Files".
    2. Click on "Verify integrity of gamecache" (May remove other mods as well).

    You can download it HERE (Dropbox)

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