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    I'm working on making some cat recolors for myself, but I figured I'd share to see if anyone else was interested in them. I'm posting here to gauge interest because if I'm the only one who wants them I won't bother uploading them. I'm very new to modding and I'm no artist, so go easy on me haha. Just dipping my toes in the water, so to speak...

    Right now I'm working on a grey Scottish Fold and a Siamese. See picture.


    Any suggestions and/or constructive criticism is welcomed. I'd like to get better!
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    • Avarwen

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      I'd love to see more kitty breeds now all I need is a mod that let's you collect cats like shoes then I'll be set. :rofl:
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      • Ichimatsu

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        I already have a retextured kitty myself but came here to praise your work. Those are some nice looking cats right there :D Would love to be able to have more cats, lol
        • Ludichaton

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          You ALWAYS need more cats in life.

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