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Discussion in 'Other' started by ShinobiNeko, Jun 6, 2017.

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    Engineers:instead of decreasing fuel usage when travelling,increase how much adding a fuel "ore" will add to actual fuel (i.e when adding Liquid Echirus,it adds 2 "fuel",so make the engineer upgrade the ship so it adds 3,4,5...)also make the engineer so that when accessing it will open a menu to upgrade either itself or upgrade the other crew weapons,but,like the workbenches,it can only upgrade acordilly with the level it is upgraded.They shouldn't be able to leave the ship either.

    mechanic:Keep the ship upgrade capabilities the same,but instead leaving the ship,it will now upgrade the crews amor,in the same fashion mentioned above

    janitor:i dont know any sugestions,but you should make them useful in the ship,also,he cant leave it.

    chemist:Should also not be able to leave the ship(in fact,the only ones who should leave the ship are the medic,the soldier and the outlaw),instead he creates potions based on his type of chemistry.

    medic:increase its buff,also heal other crewmembers instead of only you

    tailor,soldier and outlaw:keep it the same

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