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Change Instruments in BGM When Difficulty Reaches "I CAN SEE YOU"

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Treadlight, May 27, 2013.



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  1. Treadlight

    Treadlight Existential Complex

    Pretty much the thread title. The method used to achieve this might just be loading a different audio file completely, since the game doesn't play the instruments itself.

    Atmosphere polish!

    To be more specific, the instruments it would change to would be more intense, such as replacing the bells in Monsoon with an electric guitar.
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    • needsomemiracle

      needsomemiracle Scruffy Nerf-Herder

      Might be good.

      For reference see "Learn To Fly 2", where a very simplistic and short loop gets a new layer as you reach 100 mph, and then even more at 200 mph.
      • Ifrit

        Ifrit Starship Captain

        Well who knows maybe in the finished (Or future) release once you hit that level of Difficulty the BGM might change completely, or at different stages?
        Regardless, I think it would be a cool addition to make the game more intense
        • Shrooblord

          Shrooblord Void-Bound Voyager

          Another good (free) example is Sky Diver Mach II - it also had a different tune in the background depending on how fast you were falling.
          I like the idea.
          • Treadlight

            Treadlight Existential Complex

            Okay, I know I'm bumping an old thread, but creating another duplicate one seemed pointless to me. I want this idea to get a bit more attention. Opinions!
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            • Shrooblord

              Shrooblord Void-Bound Voyager

              Ye, I'm all for it. Petition sign powers activate!
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              • Forever

                Forever Phantasmal Quasar

                Sounds wonderful. +1
                • Fruttie

                  Fruttie Starship Captain

                  Im not in for this, I like the way it is now.
                  • Daimera

                    Daimera Cosmic Narwhal

                    It's a really cool idea, but it's a lot of extra work for Chris, who said in another thread that he'd wrapped up work on the soundtrack already. This would involve manually changing out the instruments for every track in the game, and I'm not exactly sure how easy that is to do with the program he used to compose this, or if simply swapping out instruments will even sound good with the different instrument mechanics without tweaking the timing a little to accommodate the changes.
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                    • AstronautDown

                      AstronautDown Title Not Found

                      I like the idea but it is a crazy amount of work as it would include recording/editing the extra layers, making multitrack exports and some extra coding on the game's audio engine which is now set to only playback one track (as mentioned above). Or at the very least mixing/mastering new complete tracks to replace the old ones when you get to that difficulty level, which is still lots of work...

                      Plus, I'm not sure that it would work on all the tracks (I wouldn't try to make a heavier version of DFR for example)—although there could be distortion introduced to specific layers to increase tension, perhaps at the cost of some musicality... I would seriously consider it if we were in the beginning of the project and do not exclude it from ever happening but you shouldn't get your hopes up because as Aimera mentioned this project is pretty much wrapped as far as music goes and I have already three new games and another music project to write for in the next months so it's busy times ahead.

                      I still like the idea though... Risk of Rain II?

                      P.S. Although... If you all follow that link on excavater's signature and vote for TSWCE on greenlight I just might put the extra work for free :) (Seriously you guys, it's a great game, help us out!)
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                      • Treadlight

                        Treadlight Existential Complex

                        I understand. I mostly wanted to hear the thoughts of the community, rather than actually see this considered by someone who's working on the game. I'm happy that you decided to take a look.

                        I had initially posted this thread a long while back, when only around half of the songs were done. At this point, I only necroed it for community purposes.
                        • AstronautDown

                          AstronautDown Title Not Found

                          Oh, I'm sorry, I missed the original post, it would have been more practical to implement back then... Let the record show that my vote on the poll was yes :)
                          • Treadlight

                            Treadlight Existential Complex

                            I'm very sorry for the necro, to all who find it bothersome. This is something I absolutely need to say; opening a new thread would be silly.
                            Urrrghh. I'm so frustrated with my past self. I want to say that I actually do still believe this idea to be something that would be great for the game's atmosphere, but I do understand that it would be a lot of work. I'm not asking anything of you, I just wanted to say that almost as soon as I saw what this post would mean, I felt guilty for it. Of course, I was too shy to say anything more.
                            I don't know, I feel like I need to apologize to this reality for seemingly shooting down what could have happened in another. I'm reminded of this thread every time I check my followed Steam Greenlight games to see that The Sea Will Claim Everything has been greenlit.
                            • shadowpikachu

                              shadowpikachu Space Spelunker

                              Like make the music slightly more muffled and 5% quieter when it reaches "I SEE YOU" and make it slightly louder and basey when it reaches "AHAHAHAHA" like someone is following you. (maybe after 10 minutes the music turns normal if your doing a farming run, then it fits the laid back tone)

                              The filters go a long way and doesn't take up development time as it does with making entirely new music.

                              Edit: Well poo, thats what i get for not reading, i'd still love to see the musical filters.

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