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change lvl5 skill choice?

Discussion in 'Support' started by xxprismatic, Mar 2, 2016.

  1. xxprismatic

    xxprismatic Aquatic Astronaut

    I have been playing and absolutely loving this game for over 20 play hours, and after that time
    you kind of come to expect things to go a certain way. So as usual I put my character to bed,
    and expect to get an update of all the things I sold. WRONG. I got some screen asking me which
    career I wanted to persue for my character because I hit lvl 5 in both farming and foraging.
    I was so not expecting this to happen that I just clicked on the place where I normally expected
    the ok button to be and unpurposefully made the mistake to choose careers I didn't even want!

    How can I undo these choices? Luckily I chose the right one for Farming, but for Foraging I made the
    unintended mistake of choosing Gatherer when I really wanted it to be Forester.
    If the game had asked me 'Are you sure this is wat you want?'' or something similar I might not have
    made such a hasty accident. Obviously these choices are important for the future of the entire gameplay.
    It also saved the progress instantly, so I couln't even go out of the game and reconsider my choice.

    I'm begging to make it possible to change your skill career path later on because I"m sure I'm not the only
    person who accidentally clicks something from time to time!

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    • xjapanboy

      xjapanboy Subatomic Cosmonaut

      uhmmmm please upload your save files?
      • xxprismatic

        xxprismatic Aquatic Astronaut

        Thank you so much for responding! I hope I uploaded the right files. I added it to the original post.

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