Modding Help Changing a race's starter planet. Is it currently possible?

Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by AmazonValkyrie, Jan 13, 2017.

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    I feel like this question has been asked before, but upon searching key words through the forum, I couldn't find a thing >_< So if I'm asking a question that's been asked a slew of times already, I apologize in advance lol. I really wanted to change my race's starter planet, (perhaps to a custom one) but I'm unsure if it's possible to even change that at all, much less by race. If anybody has any info or can point me in the direction to look in the files, I would greatly appreciate that. Thank you for your time ^_^
  2. lazarus78

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    The starting planet will always be a (Small) garden planet, and the star system will always contain a desert and forest planet. Those are the only criteria that are set. They can be changed, but not by race. These can be changed in the universe_server.config. You can also set static coordinates if you wish for the same starting planet for all characters.
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    Booo :/ Well where there is extreme will & persistence, there is always a way. I can at least add a completely new planetary type to the beginning star system, or a new biome to the starting garden planet I'm assuming? Thanks for the quick response, Lazarus ^_^
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    Specifically to the starting planet? No. You would have to effectivly create a new "terrestrial world" (AKA planet type) and add it in to the generation mix, then set the game to seek out one of those planets as your starter world.

    Doable, but quite a bit of work.

    This whole process, of course, will change your universe generation seed so literally all coordinate type threads will literally become useless.

    But then again, according to @DukeScrewface , I don't know much about universe generation, so what do I know?
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    You really don't need to make it the starting planet.
    Simply having a unique planet for the race is enough - then having a method for the custom race to go to it.

    It is better to work around the limitations then simply trying to force it in.
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  6. AmazonValkyrie

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    Well I think you know a lot ^_^ You usually always respond to my questions, and it's greatly appreciated.

    Anyway, I figured I could at least add a new planet to the beginning star system. Even if it's not the race's starter planet, I could direct the player there with the proper setup. Believe it or not, this all came about from my wanting to spawn a specific type of tree with a limitation on the foliage and stems it allows for it which only seems controllable from the biome files. Perhaps I should've asked about that to begin with, but I've had the intention to create a new planet for a while. There isn't a way to force a sapling to make a specific type of tree, is there? Sorry, I'm full of questions, and planets and their contents are still somewhat foreign to me. Thanks again!
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